Monday, 8 November 2010

Today has been a hat day........................

Today has been a hat day, its been a bit blustery and wet with 50-60mph winds, not funny when out in it - or even when inside and trying to sleep through it. On the positive side I do like hats - got me to thinking - which one was my favourite - I don't think I could ever choose.  Peedie is not a big fan of the wind, he's often found hiding if its very windy - eventually though we do manage to get him outside for a scamp! Hats are good for a disguise too, and great for wearing with pigtails, here I am hiding in the bracken, in another favourite hat.
I think I've more than 10 but less than 20, but who's counting?  Alot of my hats have been presents, which I love, you can't beat a good hat for a present!  This one I got for my 40th birthday.............what a lovely friend! We took ourselves  over to a different island for the day - so that hat got a real treat of a day out the first day I wore it!
I'm a great fan of hats, in all shapes and sizes. We also get alot of hats from the charity shop and often find some really great ones - this one below was 20p from the charity shop in a small town called 'stromness'......I've many different types mainly colourful, I do like a good colourful hat! The stripier the better - but any colour/size/shape will do!
I often wear them in the house too to keep warm - very often however, they get 'borrowed' from other folk in the family.........which I don't really mind, hats are pretty universal! There is the same hat, on a different occassion with my daughter all wrapped up as if in disguise - hats and scarves are handy when out on the beach here in the cooler months - whatever the weather we'll be on the beach!
This one came from Islay (the hat not the child, shes from a different west coast island!) it reminds me of the holiday we had over there visiting my adopted sister and her family - we got the hat at a local cafe with a lovely scarf to match. I do like stripey hats and scarves.
I'm a fan of any type of colourful hat they brighten up the day - the sillier the better as far as I'm concerned, as long as they keep you warm. Whether its windy or not I often wear a hat alot for work, I'm lucky I guess as normally I'm outdoors, alone and the flowers I'm looking at don't mind what I'm wearing! Here I am writing up a bit of work on a flower we looked at in a woodland near Golspie, I'm wearing my own hat for once - I've stolen it back from my daughter!
If we're out and about with family and friends they don't mind what on earth I put on my head! Its always fun to find a hat and keep recycling it in various locations. My favourite location is of course, on the beach where a hat is always useful. I think most of my hats have been to most of the beaches  here - but they never mind a second or third trip!
Whether at home in Orkney, or off on adventures on the mainland - hats are always in the collection of things we keep at hand in the car. Another charity shop hat below - 10p this time I think................from a wee shop in Thurso when waiting for the ferry one day - I'd forgotten my hat and popped in to see if I could find one - what a spot of luck there it was just waiting to come back on the ferry to Orkney.
My other favourite thing is scarves - I've as many colourful scarves as I do hats - always a bit of fun and a great way to add a bit of colour to a dull, dreary or windy day! Here's one of my favourite scarves here - from the red-cross charity shop in Kirkwall, again 50p, being set free on the beach, or being chased by peedie - they are very useful indeed!
I hope it's less windy tomorrow - but then again - its a good excuse to dig out another hat! What's your favourite hat?


  1. I see a definite trend for stripes... I love a cheerful, colourful, warm hat, it makes you feel better on a cold and windy day. Despite this, I seem to major on black fleecy or furry hats. I think I need to get the knitting needles out...

  2. I love your hats, I have been reading your blog for a little while, no problem with you following mine, I have been blogging for as while, it make take you some time to read it from the beginning.

  3. Aw thank you guys lovely to see you both - Plantaliscious I've checked - nothing black or furry here - not even a beanie! I do rather like stripes it has to be said!

    silversewer - I'll manage to catch up eventually!

  4. Ooo, I love hats too. Always have. Used to be laughed at in school because I wore hats. Any kind of hat, woollie hats, furry hats, trilbys, felt hats, summer hats, you name it I have it. Love the idea of blogging it and taking pictures. You really do inspire me. thanks

  5. Oh I'd love t osee some of your hats cheri :) please do a picture or two :)

    You're blog was one of the ones which inspired me to start/keep blogging :) so thank you very much! xx