Sunday, 7 November 2010

A waak doon the track, fae the hoose, tae the beach............

Today a wonderful day for a walk, so I thought of walking at home, rather than going out in the car for a walk saves petrol which is very expensive here at the moment £1.29.9/ltr - ouch!  We've a beach at the end of our track, so today we've taken a waak (walk), fae (from) the hoose(house), doon (down) the track tae (to) the beach - brackets are the english words of a few 'dialect' scots words. We have a friend coming to house sit soon and I thought it might be nice to be able to show her the walk from the house to the beach down our track - I hope she likes it!

Our neighbour is away, its the house in the distance on the left and we're going to feed the cats and hens for them, good excuse to get down to the beach as well. Really, you see, we're doing them a favour by walking down to the beach........................and of course taking pictures is helpful for anyone coming to stay - to entice them to come up and visit!
I love this walk, we get to look over to other islands (Graemsay and Hoy) and to the local town on the other side of the bay. What a beautiful morning, cold but fresh and clear. Lovely time to walk down and catch up with my daughter and give the dog a walk. It takes about 6 minutes to get to the beach, just strolling down, not in any sort of rush, we rush too much during the week for life, school and work.
The tide is quite high today so there's not much in the way of beach, theres a tiny lane down to the shore, which was maybe used for a boat before I guess? I like taking time out and being able to just have a catch up, just the two of us. It's not always going to be so easy when she's grown up, so I'm making the most of now time.

Its a bit of a rocky/sandy beach with seals, birds and lots of sky. We like it down here, you can only get here from the houses that are down the tracks, so there are hardly ever any people on it, mainly just us and the seals. A few lucky folk actually live right on the beach, its my dream one day, but for now I'm happy to be able to walk a few minutes from our house and be here in no time at all.

 I love the beach, one of my favourite places in the world to be and its always free for a walk. The sea can throw up some delights, treasures and wood, so we often go along the high tide line and have a look - today we found a big pink bouy - which we'll maybe take home next time if its still there - we tie them on the sign at the end of the track for a bit of fun - also to let me know where to turn in!

We talk and walk down here and laugh about life. Beaches are good places for clearing your head, having a chat and generally just getting some fresh air. Today we need to wrap up and keep warm - hat and pigtails are essental for keeping cosy - there I am again, being cheeky to my daughter - never can take a normal photo!
What a lovely little walk we had, the dog had fun chasing the birds on the beach, which of course he never ever catches but its fun to watch - we saw three seals today - they followed us along to say hello and see what we were doing. We are lucky that seals are normal in our lives - we do see them most days when we are at the beach all around the islands we've alot of seals. They do seem quite curious - I wonder what they think of us?

Time to go home for a cup of coffee and a warm up - we head back up the track, our house in the distance looking like somewhere warm and cosy! I hope you've enjoyed our walk - wasn't it fun - I might go again later on as its free - I'll be saving money too!

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