Friday, 17 December 2010

Chickens in need of stripey socks

The weathers turned a bit cold................which made me think the hens might need some something to keep them warm. Yup that is the snow drifted 2-3 ft up the fence - we're snowed in - poor peedie stuggled in the snow today and I fell in a ditch! With all of this in mind I think the hens need some socks to keep them cosy.
A blue and white one was knitted by one of my old lodgers about the size of a thumb - perfect for a chicken foot!
And then a stripey red and white one, I think they'll like that one - doesn't it look cosy!

And then she did a fair isle one, very intricate - she's very clever, my knitting lodger!

And finally a festive red one, I know just the hen for that sock!
One of the indoor hens, feeling a bit chilly.........wonder what they will do when its cold - they live in the utility room with the plates - cheery looking on the shelf - there are 4 of them - quite a small flock!

Oh look, Xmas must be coming, the hens have thier stockings up! I can't really put socks on my own hens - but I can hang a few up for them in the house to be thinking about them in the cold weather!


  1. I love those socks - how perfect! Wrap up warm up there. PS If you ever go to Tims gallery again, give him my regards. I'm sure he'll remember me. My name was Diane Gray. xxxx

  2. That is skilled knitting! Very cute. I trust she created a stripy hat for you?!