Saturday, 18 December 2010

Being cut off

Didn't get out today and the lovely chap in my life never managed to visit us up here due to the weather. The last time he was here we had a walk out to the stones at Brogar. We all hope we'll see him soon.

Even the stones look cold the day we had our walk, not that we got anywhere today ,as we're utterly snowed up the road, our life is snowed in! I do hope it might let us out or other folk in soon!
I don't need much, we've plenty of provisions in and we're warm, we don't miss much up here, except people. Hope to see you soon, you people out there we're missing.x


  1. The snow seems to be shifting around the country at a great rate. Ours had all gone until last night, when it started again and as I write it's snowing heavily.
    Would love to see these stones.

  2. Hope you get to see OH over the holidays.
    At least you can stay in touch with online people :)
    I know it's not quite the same but will help you feel less isolated.

  3. I hope the weather eases soon. Glad you are stocked up. xxxx

  4. Thank you all!

    A man came today and dug the track out - got the car to the top - although the top of the road looks dreadful!

    Anyway - we'll see what happens!

    Linda they are wonderful - very humbling.

    Dreamer - thank you - nice to know that indeed.

    Diane - the children laugh at our cupboard groaning with food - but we'll never be hungry.

    Will have to wait and hear how tomorrow is.

  5. Ah, the down side of all that lovely white stuff. Hope you don't get stuck - weren't you supposed to be coming to the mainland for Christmas?

  6. PS Word verification was "heaterin" - very apt!