Tuesday, 21 December 2010

For the flowers

Aeonium arboreum 'atropurpureum'
I just wanted to remind myself as I sit up late and write up endlessly - I'm doing it for the flowers. The Aeonium I really love and need to get a new one of, I gave mine away to a friend when I moved up here. I love them and they are gorgeous - I was trying my new camera out on this one a while back. Beautiful isn't it? It will do OK on the windowsill here but not in the garden.
Iris sibirica
I'm going to chance this in the garden, I love Iris and this type in particular - the colours are so vivid. I will definitly be getting a few of those for this years planting.
Zantedeschia aethiopica
Rather to my surprise up here - this gorgeous plant festoons many a garden - looks far to delicate and pure to work up in my climate - but the fleshy flowers I guess seem to tolerate the climate - I'm going to treat myself to some of those as well. I do like this picture and am very chuffed I took it myself with my lovely camera (thank you db)

I'm going to do this after I've finally finished and written up - handed in - thrown away my laptop (OK maybe not throw it away - just don't sit writing at it for hours and hours) and I know that I've learnt now to just to read a book on a subject I'm interested in rather than study anymore.

Anyone, anywhere writing up - I salute you and hope its going OK. Now and again I need to remind myself that flowers do provide an income (they have for many years during study) and I need to have more faith in my ability to depend on them. I also need to remember to enjoy them very much once I'm finished.


  1. I know that feeling ...read for fun ....whats that then???

    My studies end in May i had been considering a masters but i think i will have a year off and think about it!

    Love the pics Aeonium and Zantadechia are 2 of my faves (neither of which i have in my garden)

  2. I love Iris's, I must get some for my garden.

  3. no need for thanks pal. and you did at least take these pictures! :-b
    MSc applied mathematics for me starting in january! - woohoo!

  4. Beautiful lily picture Fay. It took me years after finishing all my studies to be able to pick up a non-fiction book to read, and quite a while for me to pick up a "quality" fiction book rather than just something light and fluffy. I'm sure you will get income from flowers, but most of all, enjoy them! The iris will be beautiful in your garden, look forward to seeing it develop next year.

  5. My years and years of 'writing up' are long over. Well at least, probably. Too busy blogging or reading fluff these days;) Love your pictures, and watching your garden plans developing, thanks for sharing - just wish I had a garden, and some rescue hens.
    Wishing you the very best of years in 2011

  6. Best wishes for your writing up. I remember that painful stage!

  7. Happy New Year Stripey :) Hope it's a good one for you and yours.xx

  8. Thank you all for the lovely wishes!

    Happy new year to you all xxxx