Sunday, 19 December 2010

Picking up a frozen chicken

Now, normally they come in a bag, nicely cleaned and ready to roast. NOT this one, this little lady (Karyn, need you ask who it was) has been a bit of a handful lately. Today she tried to walk to the next town or so it would appear. Chicken can be easily frozen and *fast* food - this one certainly had potential today to be frozen if she got stuck outside and she's blinking fast when she doesn't want you to catch her. As one of my 6 'productive' girls I certainly don't want her cold, wandering off or lost.
I want to be alone, Karyn's classic phrase.............!
Over on the other side of the field having a wander when it was getting dark and in a blizzard, half frozen utterly oblivious to the commotion she had caused by not staying near the byre with the other chookies - even Einstein gave up today - she just did her Greta Garbo 'I want to be alone' bit. Often she'll come for a bit of food - I wonder if someone can invent a 'hen biscuit' rather than a dog biscuit - to tempt her home.
Karyn the hen, once she'd been captured to go back to her home!
Anyway after much hunting and shouting 'Karyn, Karyn, where are you', (chooky chooky chooky) doesn't work with this hen, fiercy independant and very inclined to do her own thing today. Earlier she was trying to get into the house for a bit of cake! A very crazy hen (just like her namesake), at least we found her. Then she got tucked under an arm for the walk home, I said hello to a neighbour who looked a bit puzzled until they saw it was a chicken under my arm after which they looked a bit bemused. No time to explain I'm afraid it was getting dark. Anyway how to you explain walking up the lane with a chicken under your arm and giving it a stern talking to?
Wellies and salopets - not just good for skiing (not the wellies obviously) also for this weather keep you warm.
Very snowy again today - but a man came with a big JCB and cleared the track for the neighbour and he came and did our too! That was really nice of him, so we've moved the car up the drive to the main road - its stuck again but a bit easier to get out when we need to get to the airport later in the week. Thank you for all the lovely good wishes! The fact that he also dug up the new fruit bed, hardly matters (I can fix that and he couldn't see it under all that snow!) I'm just so grateful he was so thoughtful to do our track too.

The end of the fruit bed a bit dug up by a digger - no biggie - although I don't actually know where the rhubarb is that I planted at the end of that bed, I'm sure it will turn up when everything thaws out!


  1. I used to have an escapologist hen like that unfortunately she had one adventure too many and is no more :(
    They really do have individual chracters though, so funny. Hope the kids get off to their dad's but if they don't at least you won't end up stuck on your own.

  2. That poor chicken looks FREEZING!!! Hope you have a lovely time. xxx

  3. Makes you realise why "hen witted" isn't a complement, daft bird!