Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook, December 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook.
Written with many thanks to the simple woman, who likes to look at the world with many others by taking a little look into the day plans and thoughts of simplicity...beauty of the everyday moments. Anyone can join in and the link for the simple woman's day book is here

Outside my window...snow, alot of snow, the sun is not up yet (8.05am), and its beginning to get light. There is a pheasant standing on my bird table (!) and other birds (starling, robin, blackbirds, rooks, curlew and house sparrows) needing some extra food all chattering around the bird table

I am thinking...about the week ahead, hoping the snow might melt, the radio has said again the schools are closed, I've taken work home, we can spend the day at home quietly just being.

I am thankful for...the children helping with chores, the dog needing a walk and my partner arriving safely home to his house 300 miles away and of course the hens still laying everyday.

From the learning rooms...my camera - taken it out and trying to use it more each day!

From the kitchen...everyday the hens are having hot food for breakfast, so the slow cooker goes on at bed time to give them a tasty warm treat of soaked grain and scraps in the early morning. Morning drinks at the moment are hot chocolate, which are very nice, but those are for me not for the hens!

I am wearing...pyjamas, a fleece, hat, pigtails and a cosy puppy at my toes.

I am creating...a new vegetable garden which will hopefully be finished by spring and I'm trying to slowly put pictures up on the walls, still not found a place for many of them since we moved in March.

I am going...south for xmas, to visit family and friends dear to me and have some quality time together.

I am reading...Raising Hens for Dummies - learning more about my hens.

I am hoping...that my drive down to the family will be fine and filled with beautiful scenery through the highlands down toward central scotland.

I am hearing...the wind whistling around the house again!

Around the house..the xmas decorations are beginning to come out of their boxes and go onto shelves.

One of my favorite things...boiled eggs in the morning, fresh from the hens, who are thankfully still laying even in the snow!

A few plans for the rest of the week: take some eggs into work - finish a section of the thesis, do some extra work to earn some money - walk the dog oh and play in the snow, of course.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...my children, for once actually having a hug - OK there was bribery involved as my son (16) wanted my daughter (14) to take the dog - her price to take the dog, was a hug! A family walk on a sunday towards a local stone circle here nice when we get out together - and very lovely to see them have a hug - even if they are only being bribed to have one! I like that we still do family things, even now they are a bit bigger.

A view toward the Ring of Brogar, a local stone circle we often go walking at with the kids and the dog, very different in the snow.
Ring of Brogar, well a bit of it!

Have a lovely December and Christmas everyone!


  1. Lol at the hug bribery :) My two youngest now 19 and 20 went through the "not cool to hug your sister/brother" stage but are now best friends again and always hugging each other.Think it co incided with Sophie starting dating boys and big brother getting all protective lol

  2. DD not able to date until at least 30 - :) thankfully I'm joking but also we're not at that stage yet with either of them - they are just kids still - which i love. Nice to hear they come through it!

  3. And, I've just noticed - she's stolen my hat again and is wearing my wellies - lol. :)

  4. What a nice post today. I might just make a list of the people or things I am thankful for. I wish we would get some snow. Your area looks beautiful with all that fresh snow.

  5. Thank you we've alot to be thankful for - I'm listening to the washing machine whirring away - I'm working and I've not had to leave my home (aside chicken feeding and collecting some sticks to put in a vase then put xmas ornaments onto)

    Its unusual to have so much snow - and for it to stay - we're making the most of it! I hope you get to do your list!

  6. This post is so thoughtful. I like the hug photo, so lovely to have moments like this to look back on. It is good to take stock of what we have and what we are grateful for. It becomes a virtuous circle if you consistently appreciate what you have instead of longing for more.

  7. What a lovely comment cheri - thank you! A very nice way to look at it.

  8. Oh, you live next to the Ring of Brodgar... I am jealous;-) I am an archaeologist from Germany and have been to Scotland and Orkney during my honeymoon three years ago... Don't know how I found your blog but I will surely come back! Happy holidays!

  9. Nice to hear from you in Germany Kirstin - I'm about a five minute drive from Brogar!

    I'm glad you found us - my last lovely lodger was a German girl - wonderful - please do come back - I know nothing about archaeology except what I learn when out walking around here - there is so much of it - you can hardly fail to notice the wonder of it all!