Monday, 6 December 2010

Taking a monkey for a walk

Peedie the cairn, clearly wanting a walk!
Here is another day with snow - and a monkey (Peedie pup) who needs or has decided he wants a walk. He's already waiting for me at the bottom of the track, he's got snow on his snozzle and goes a bit bonkers in the snow. Our track goes down to the beach or up to the road - its about 1/4 of a mile, not too far.
The track up to the road
The track changes alot over the year - but it does look very different at this time of year under the snow. In the spring its daffodils, the summer its wildflowers and in the autumn firely orange crocrosmia(Monbreitia) lines the way home. There are a rose a honeysuckle and a fushia half way down the track, but not evidence of them at the moment they are fast asleep. At the top of the track on our house sign we've attached some bouys we found on the shore - helps us to find the road end when we are driving and they look quite pretty, especially with the snow on the bouys today........
Part of the recycling from the beach!
There are normally cows in the field by the track, but they've all gone into the byres (sheds) for the winter to keep them nice and warm. Anyway here we are up at the top of the track on the main road - not much happenning up here today - everywhere is white and the children are sleeping as its a snow day! Getting the car out has been a bit tricky, so we've only been making trips that we really have too, after a couple of days we've managed to work out how to get out safely.
Now we are at the main road, where do we go now?
Peedie is having a look at the options - its a 2.5 mile walk to the main road into town from here, doesn't look like he wants to walk to town. The ferry to Hoy (the island in the distance) is the other option if he wants a longer walk, but today he's not too keen to go anywhere, he's just having a look. Everything looks so pretty in the snow and its very crunchy underfoot. Those clouds though look like they might be full of another down pour of snow, time for home I think! We turn around and he romps off back down the track.
Our track end, recycled bouys decorate it nicely.
I like living here - one way we can walk to the beach, if we don't want to go to the beach we can walk up the road and look at the hills, look at the birds - today I've seen several pheasants, curlew, rooks, starlings and rabbits and hares in the field by the house. Today my wellies are ankle deep in snow - I don't mind this as normally at this time of year they are covered in mud as its so wet! Time to catch up with the puppy whos trying to chase snowballs - bouncing around like a real little monkey!
Up to my ankles in the white stuff!


  1. Lovely pictures. I do envy you living so close to the beach.
    Max is not too keen on the snow at the moment - I think it is too cold for him!!

  2. What stunning scenerey - I would love to live near the sea. Loved tyour last post too - I would kill for a campervan.

  3. its a nice place to live! - it will be a happy house!


  4. It is a happy house :) quieter without you here DB x thank you for all the lovely comments - still very much a white out here - and the monkey dog now has snow up to his tummy - doesn't seem to stop him.

    Diane the van came from the board of the local supermarket - nice to live near the sea - I couldn't live inland - I just would feel so trapped. Wierd we've snow for this long - it doesn't normally hang around at all being so close to the sea.

    Max will get his snow paws soon - poor fella - it will take a whlie!!

  5. The one advantage of a darker Cairn Terrier in the snow is you can see then! Our Peedie Pup disappears into to the dusk LOL

    We grow our own chillies as well and there is something about harvesting and using a chilli straight away!

  6. Yeah our dirty peedie pup alot quicker to find! My chilli - yum but alot hotter than anything I've ever got before - love them. Great you've grown them too!

  7. We grow Teppins and Bird Eye chillies, we like it hot!

    Hmm wonder if we could find some Dorset Naga seeds anywhere?

  8. I grew dorset naga this year - they didn't come to much (dunno why - grew like crazy but hardly any flowers) but I did get fruit off them (4) I'll have a look see if any of the seed is viable - if there are do you want a couple?
    I also grew cayenne and birds eye which blew my head off and I like chilli alot! Not heard of Teppins.........a very pretty one was 'Variegata' - foliage white speckles and purple flowers, then the chilli's were purple turning to red - gorgeous - saved a bit seed from that one too.

  9. Oooh please to the seeds! Teppins are little chillies that look like peas (when not ripe) and holly berries (when they are!)