Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Today I'm a sea monster

I'm not a big fan of a hairbrush, in fact I'm often called a bit of a sea monster due to having a thatch of hair. Always makes me giggle, I do brush my hair, honest, but in our wind if you aint wearing a hat, you've not got a hair style.

Anyway, talking of sea monsters, which we are now, we saw this particular sea monster, on a wonderful trip to stalk other members of our family, in Morayshire earlier in the year - the beach we were on was in Findhorn - we came accross this - what do you think it is? Clearly plant based (seaweed), a nessie? a monster? an elegant seaweed swan?  a duck monster?
What about you? what do you see?

Everytime I look at my sea monster I see a new thing. If you click on the picture and see the bigger photo you'll see this particular monster is a mix of wood, conifers, sea weed, grass and many other delights that all tumbled together to create this piece of 'beach eco-art'
It just reminds me that plants are very clever aren't they - feed us, clothe us, fuel our cars and they even make monsters,and giant slumbering 'Mud Maids' [Helligan Gardens in Cornwall - unfortunately I've not been (YET)]- I love it when plants surprise us and give us a feast for the eyes.

Clever little monsters, aren't they? I've a school appointment tonight - I guess I'll have to find a brush.


  1. WOW! That is a cool seamonster although I thought it was a poor bird all tangled up at first glance!

  2. Love your posts. You see the best things on your beach.

  3. nice pics! the top one in particular is stunning and must have been taken by a very skilled and creative photographer!

  4. Thank you! Indeed a very lovely picture, you do see the best things on the beach!