Monday, 13 December 2010

'Why don't we' go hunting for treasure

Barrier number 3 beach - how beautiful!
I love the beach almost as much as I love flowers.
I've not been to the beach in a week, unheard of in my life - can it really be that long? This beach is called Barrier 3 - where they built the barriers across the little islands to the south of the mainland of Orkney they are called the Churchill Barriers and they are lovely to go and look at or head onto the beach I thought I'd go maybe tomorrow but the time of year  its dark in the afternoon, dark before work and only get to go to the beach at the  moment during lunch - and I've not managed much of that lately. I must try and go at the weekend if I can - I'm working alot at the moment and that doesn't leave much time for anything else - I must try harder! Boy do I miss it, I love living by the sea. I think we'll just go now if that's OK? Apart from the garden or maybe as much as the garden I love the beach. 
 We like to come here to collect a tiny little shell called a 'Groatie Buckie' its a type of northern cowrie shell Trivia monacha - I love them and I always go and look for them - its a special thing to do - we even managed to convert our lovely lodgers at the last house to come find them too! They are as small as your pinkie nail and just so pretty. I love them almost as much as I love flowers - I do like beach-combing - I'm always after a bit of treasure on the beach. There are jars of shells all around the house, we never take too many - but Groaty Buckie hunting is very competitive - and they're lucky, so you'll have great luck if you find any. We never find alot of them - just a few and thats enough - don't want to be greedy!
And Peedie is always happy to help out! He loves it too, that little peedie monkey dog. Not much good at getting the little ones he prefers to scamp and find sausages from peoples barbeques - sometimes he's even lucky enough to find one - normally covered in sand - but he doesn't care.
I love beach treasure - so beautiful - what a pretty little stone, it lives in Darwin to remind me of our walk!
I miss the beach - we must go at the weekend - there I've said it now - so we'll have to go!


  1. Love the heart rock :) and the puppy is a cutey too :)

  2. What a gorgeous beach. The tiny shells are lovely also. Do you have any luck finding colored sea glass? I use to love to find smooth white beach stones. Very nice post today.

  3. hello FBMKW - thank you - we do get alot of glass on the beach - we've a jar of that in the beach too! How far are you from a beach?

    Dreamer - the rock lovely! Puppy a monkey, what do I do but love him?