Saturday, 29 January 2011

10 things about me, cos I'm poorly.

Getting some fresh air in the daisies!
I'm sick - not a pretty sight, not able to even smell a daisy right now! The only good thing is that its made me slow down (a bit) and watch a bit of TV on the sofa and Jamie (I don't think anyone has seen him naked chef) Oliver on the TV.  He's cooking pizza, which of course I want now - but I like his cooking style - full of enthusiam.

I don't sit down much, not in my nature. I don't get sick much either so I thought about this on the way home from work. What kind of things don't we know about each other in real life? As I'm cooped up on the sofa not going anywhere I'm going to indulge myself by telling you 10 things about me - feel free to share any about you!!

1. I love cooking, its why I learnt to garden I think - I love eating. I'm always stuffing my face at most opportunities and if I'm not stuffing myself, I'm planning my next stuffing session.

2. I'm ridiculusly scared of bees and wasps - and anything buzzy. Bonkers I know - but there you are. They are scary, they bite you (sting) and to be honest honey isn't worth the fuss I don't like it, sorry (I'll die for that one!).

3. I love the colour purple, its my favourite - so full of life. Once I had a purple brick, but I can't remember where it is now.

4. I was brought up all over the world, my dad was in the army and before I was 12 we lived in a lot of different places. Once we were evacuated (during the civil war in Cyprus) onto the local army base to live in a tennis hut for a few weeks  before we went back to the UK. I'm scared of fireworks cos of the bombs that were going off in the field when I was little. We had to sleep under the bed for a week before we were evacuated and had to leave the island with only two things each, all our belongings had to be left behind. I took two books.

5. My grandad was a huge influence on my life, my son is named after him (James) and he was an amazing gardener. I miss you grandad xxx.

6. My only grown up (e.g not brothers or sisters - I've two brothers and one sister) living relative I have now is my Mum - she lives a long way away - I don't see her much but I know she's always there.

7. My daughter has my favourite name 'Hazel' - I was always hopeful one day I'd wake up and be a Hazel myself, even better I woke up one day and had one of my own!

8. I love the sea - as a gardener its a hard contradiction - windy islands are challenging to garden in.

9. One of my favourite foods are potatoes - I love them in every single way they can be cooked - I'm not a sweet tooth - give me a potato rather than a cake anytime!

10. What can I tell you about me for number 10? When I was little my family told me (to get me to eat rabbit) that I was eating the rabbit 'Bugs Bunny' - I never saw a cartoon of him for ages after that and I really thought I'd killed him for about a year I was convinced that I'd eaten him and destroyed his cartoon career. I was vegetarian for 12 years of my life, mainly because of that experience!!! (I'm not now, but try to only eat 'happy' local/organic meat and fish)


  1. Hello there! Sorry to hear you're poorly :( Hope you're nice and snuggly warm on that sofa xx

    Love the list of things about you - although not sure anyone would ever persuade me to eat rabbit by telling me I was eating Bugs Bunny!!

    Not sure what I can tell you about me, lost in end-of-PhD fog at the minute, will get back to you on that one

    Wrap up warm, eat lots of mash xx

  2. Hi there,
    Sorry you're not feeling well.I just found your lovely blog the other day and have had fun reading it.
    Feel better soon.

  3. Hey there julie, nice to see you!

    Glad you like the blog, thank you!

    Jenni, you'll get there nearly finished :)

    No I don't know why they tried the rabbit thing either, traumatised me forever!

    Mash, now theres a good idea :)

  4. Sorry your crook , hope jamie is making you feel better ;)

    we have a few things in common

    I was an army brat.....and i too wanted to change my name desperately , i wanted to be a Paula for some reason

    I love the beach

    do you know what instead of doing this here i am going to do a blog post, thanks for the inspiration:)

  5. Hope you feel better soon stripey, sending you lots of hugs from here xx

  6. You know, even when you are ill you are full of inspiration. Such interesting facts. I may be inspired to do similar on my blog. I will share with you though that I too love the sea but it scared the life out of me. I have strong fear of the water but I especially love whales and dolphins and I always overcome my fear for an opportunity to be near them in their own environment.

  7. Hello there, just discovered your blog, I'm up and right a bit, on Stronsay. VERY interested in your green house and willows. Will have to have a proper read through :-) Get well soon.

  8. Hi Fay, poor you, though it sounds as if you needed a little down time? Bombs falling nearby must have been very scary, not surprised you are no fan of fireworks. Which two books did you save? Great choice, so glad it wasn't teddies ;-)

    I love the sea too, and would happily battle with salt winds to live in walking distance of it. I also love food, preferably savoury. I love home made pizza, it has become a fairly regular Friday night tea here because it is easy, delicious and fun. We each have 2 small pizzas each, and love construction our own toppings and laughing when someone overloads and it all falls of onto the baking tray...

  9. Hi there
    Lovely to hear from you all and thank you for the good well thoughts.

    Nice to hear from you up there on stronsay! Hello and drop by again anytime!

    Janet - books I saved were The Hungry Caterpillar and a book about a red fox (?) can't remember it!

    Nice to hear the things you like. Pizza night sounds fun!

    Cheri, I'm a water fearer too - I hope we get over it!

    Living by the beach a real treat.

    Hey squirrel family! I hope you've not inherited the wanderlust too! Funny that we all wanted to be called different things eh?

    Dreamer feeling much better now ta :)

    Happy to have inspired a few 'about me' posts


  10. I really enjoyed reading and learning more about you. Though bombs falling nearby do make me shudder, the closest similar feeling for me was an earthquake.

    PS Lovely to see a photograph of you and to learn your name.