Monday, 31 January 2011

Just one more packet, then I’ll stop

No more, I need no more!
Thank you for all the get well wishes, I'm still sniffling but on the mend.

I’m writing this today as a reminder to myself. I can muse over it constantly and then think about the logic of my thinking before I press the ‘confirm purchase’ button. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY ANYMORE PLANTS, SEEDS, ETC. I could probably feed the planet with my 'grow your own from seed' at the moment! Like many folk, I'm desperate to get going, but biding my time. They are shouting at me, but not yet, not planted anything yet. But, it's so hard.
I would of course like to thank the countless plant companies offering me free delivery on plants/seeds/everything my heart desires at the moment, at this time of year. Like I normally need any sort of an excuse to buy plants (?)

I am the Imelda Marcos of the plant world. Whilst I can’t claim to owning more than two or three pairs of shoes (one posh pair high heels, one posh pair sandals, on posh pair boots). I can claim to owning several pairs of wellies – far more practical for the garden than a sling-back pair of high heels.
Regarding my Imelda like plant obsession however, yes I do need them in every colour and size available. One plant is never enough. I am unwilling to go and count my seed packets for you right now – I am sure they are in treble figures. I really don’t want to know to be honest. Didn’t I previously discuss having over 20 types of onions to grow this year?? Do I therefore need an excuse for purchasing more plants or seeds with a little incentive like ‘free delivery’, um I don’t think so.

What I do need to do is carefully and very logically chicken proof my life before I set sail on any planting frenzy. Chickens roaming around the vegetation and planting frenzies are not happy bedfellows. I’ve enough to deal with the wind without my pesky feathered friends also adding to the plant carnage which would undoubtedly prevail if I don’t get them OUT of the garden.

I’m unsure of how to do this presently. I like them roaming around, so I either – allow roamage and utterly chicken proof the garden area. Or limit their ability to roam at will by fencing them into an area (which I’d rather not). If only they’d listen to sense.

Free range hens are fine, but not free range in my flowers and vegetables. I’ve spotted some little hen foot prints by a hole near the rhubarb. I know it’s them, they can blame the dog all they like – but I know he doesn’t like rhubarb.

Oh by the way, the other day, I got a couple of herb pots for 10p - well they were a bargain! I couldn't resist......need I mention any more?? Oh, and Lidls have their seeds in at the moment. NO!!! I have to stop!!!


  1. Goodness me, I hope you don't have to egg hunt every day.They so own that road in the photo!
    Glad you're feeling a wee bit better.

  2. Hey Julie
    Thankfully so far they lay in their house - I did worry about their wanderings and where the eggs might end up!!! In fact - we had 29 eggs over the weekend - so if they are laying anywhere else then I'd be gobsmaked! We're getting about 8 a day from the 10 gals - if they start laying all over I'd be in trouble right enough!

    Thanks feeling alot brighter!

  3. Ha - I know what you mean about compulsive seed buying, I think its to get us through these months of limited gardening, we all go crazy planning - Im having to force myself not to start planting too early as I do this every year in haste - just a couple more weeks to go!

  4. I need to stop, I have too many - free range girl you are right only a few more weeks to go! We are a captive audience in the darker months!! Ta for popping past!

  5. Hi there. I put my girls in what we call in the US a "chicken tractor". It is basically a move-able pen-some even have wheels. The girls are completely free to move about inside of the pen and have access to whatever insects and grass are inside the pen. They can be moved, whilst still in the pen if you wish, daily to fresh grass. There are loads of examples of chicken tractors on-line. The chickens are safe from predators and your plants are safe from the chickens!!

  6. We just fenced off yje veggies and the chickies still get to roam about the rest of the garden. It is nice to have them around when you are out there and it is so entertaining watching them.
    BUT we have a much smaller garden than you to contend with :)

  7. Hey there Lisa - I've read about those - that might be an idea as we've a bit of land by the house which we can use if we like and they could move around it! Thank you - will have a look at more of them.

    Dreamer you're right - they are nice roaming around but as I want a bit of garden to work in and play in I don't think I want to share it with them - maybe I'll just think about excluding them from the precious bits

    Decisions decisions eh?

    Thank you all for your lovely comments - alot to think about there!

  8. we visit a smallholding recently that has turned it's hen house into a mobile 'tractor' by lifting it onto a pallet which had wheels on . They had also turned the roof into a salad growing area , the idea was that it replaced the growing space the hen house covered up ....fab idea