Saturday, 8 January 2011


A very quick look at 2010
 January a new year walk on the beach always free to enjoy!

February the first of the snow drops a treat in the garden!
March, a new house very exciting!
April, my mothers day card, all recycled and home made

May, the cows arrived outside the house in the field

June, end of the field work, forever! (But not the mud)
Making the hen hoose before they arrive, oh the glamour of my life!
July, Darwin days to enjoy and excitement as chickens arrive!

August, at the beach
september, finally unpacking the home-made tea pot at the new house - very silly it is too!
October, the month of the 5 weddings and home grown chilli-time!

November, out with the camera and the garden gets a new veggie patch
Lots of poo arrived in the new veggie patch at home!
December, moving the chicken house indoors for the winter
And finishing it by capturing a rare cuddle of the kids!


  1. What a good year you had. Many more to come!!

  2. Hope 2011 is even better - with a productive polytunnel and veg patch, and more adventures in camper. Who knows, there might also be more hugs!

  3. How lovely, what a gorgeous year indeed! Hope 2011 is even better :) xx

  4. Just showed my hubby the picture of your house - he is envious!! He would love to live a million miles away from folk!! Have a great 2011. xxxxx

  5. Love your year in pictures :)