Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Frugal poodle parlour - or the 'Cheap Cairn Terrier Choppery'

Hairy doggie - cairn terriers get very hairy, very quickly.
This dog needed a hair cut - look at the state of him. The local place charges about £35-40 to do a doggie hair cut. Last year we decided to try this at home as part of the cost cutting and as part of the 'stop the doggie sulking after his haircut' (He hated it and would sulk for a week if he went off and had to have his hair cut). Anyway - a packet of ham (99p) and one hair clipper later we've managed to do it ourselves in our own 'Frugal Poodle Parlour'. OK so its not salon quality but the dog isn't traumatised and neither is my purse. This year we opted for the same excpet we're calling it the the 'Cheap Cairn Terrier Choppery', emergency DIY for dogs in need of extreme hair therapy!
A bit of a muddy puppy!
The process involves a lot of patience, a bit of ham and a bit more patience and hair clipper set to level 3 and a sharp pair of scissors. 
Now there is a handsome boy! After a trip to the cheap cairn choppery.
Ready for action for a walk, this time probably less muddy when he comes home!
Now I know I'm normally wittering on about plants and gardens and bargains. But, at this time of year I'm trying to ignore the garden a bit. Hence more wittering about silly hens and hairy dogs. That being said I'm not much of a 'pet' person, despite the 12 chickens and the dog, of course. 

I'm not very experienced in the ways of looking after pets and am practically allergic to vets (for various reasons). The cutting didn't seem to freak him out very much, probably something to do with the ham we provided, to keep his attention. I have to say, despite Peedie now looking like a very short haired tortiose shell coloured cat-dog - the puppy looks great. Whilst I love him dearly I'd never spend £40 on my own hair at a salon in one go. Those days of sitting in a salon all day for my spiral perm, are, sadly, no more (oh didnt' you love the eighties?!).

Anyway, that means more money saved on doggie hair cuts, is more money for plants/gardens (um, I mean food for the family) or money that I can divert into life rather than maintaining this wonderful pooch. Or in real life, more money saved on the doggies hair cut is less money needing earned from outwith the home. It's also inspired me to give more things a go that I'd normally just think, oh I have to pay for that. Whilst there are many things I can't tackle, I can try to do a bit more myself and rely less on other people, now and again.


  1. He's so lovely! You've made a great job of his hair-do as well - what next, shampooch & sett?!! ;-)

  2. Heybthereb- he did indeed have a shampooch and rub down after -with a good splotch of conditioner - at this time of year he gets so muddy it's nice to help him stay cleaner :) he hated the pooch place - I think they 'hand strip' which he didnt like poor poochy! Ta for popping past x

  3. I have a Westie who gets a haircut every 8 weeks but thankfully I only have to pay £12 each time. I think I'd be doing it myself if I had to pay £40. That's daylight robbery!! Love the blog btw.

  4. I have only had my Bella groomed twice. When its warm we shampoo her and rinse her with the hose. Your boy looks adorable and well groomed.

  5. great job , totally agree about salons

    I cut hubbys and sons hairs (shaved stylee) and have mine cut by a hairdresser friend every 6 weeks for a fiver ....i colour it myself with a cheap dye :(

    Would one of those combs with a razor blade set in be more helpful for cutting Peedie next time? would be less noisy and he might just think he is being brushed ....ignore me if this a daft idea i have never had a dog ....allergies

  6. I'm sure he is delighted not to have been dragged off to some posh pooch pampering place and to have contributed to the future of the garden too! I wish I could trim my own hair, but past experiments have convinced me that if I don't want to frighten the natives I need help in that department. Three cheers for growing self reliance, I think it is something we could all find beneficial.

  7. He is a very handsome chap'shaggy' or 'short'. Many moons ago we had a Cairn Terrier and you're right, they do need a bit of grooming because they are all terrain kind of dogs and it doesn't take much mud for them to be up to their armpits in it.
    99p was a good price for a little standing still cooperation on Peedies part.

  8. I love the receipe for a successful haircut - a packet of ham and some clippers!

  9. But, but Peedies should never be clippered only hand stripped!

  10. Hey there fellow cairn owner :) I checked with the lady who strips him and bought a cunning little comb thingmy which makes sure his old fur is gently burshed away! The lady there reckoned whilst stripping was needed for showing etc - if peedie was groomed well and clipped he'd be OK. I'd read about it though - so ta for pointing that bit out - I'd thought stripping was the only answer - he's happier clipped and brushed.
    BTW - I have two dorset naga seeds here - will I germinate them for you or send them down as seeds?

    Linda - if only every thing in life was so simple eh?

  11. Julie you're right - they do need a bit of TLC - :)

    Janet - I cut my own hair too - and generally scare the natives!

    Hey there squirel family - I did buy exactly one of those things you talked about (Great minds think alike) but its not doing much good for him - its too challenged by his fur I think!

    FBMKW - peedie likes a good shower then goes bonkers around the house fighting with a towel until hes nice and dry - great exercise

    Hey there sally ann - nice to see you!ANd, thank you for the lovely comment about the blog! I wish our local place did it for £12!!!!

  12. ah right! that's useful to know and re the Naga post them as seeds I think (dragonsteeluk@gmail.com)

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