Friday, 4 February 2011

I think I'll stay home

The local ferry in a very choppy sea!
Having seen a picture of the ferry today, I think I'll stay home for the moment!Thank you for all the lovely wishes and concern. It was indeed a bit choppy last night and a tad on the windy side. By the sounds of it we had it a bit less scary than those out to the west and those up north of us.

The worst of the winds were recorded on top of a hill for their very scary 'don't go up there' value at gusts of 122 mph. Even in the morning (at much reduced winds) the living room windows were whistling and they actually appeared to be moving ever so slightly.

Casualities in the garden appear to be a couple of shrubs which are no longer planted (up by the roots and gone), and a few bits of shrubs look a bit worse for wear. A good handful of 5-10 ltr pots appeared to lose their contents (!) and aside that not much damage to report.

House all fine and well - although my 14 year old did pop upstairs at 3am and hop into my room wondering if the house was actually going to take off. As the wind was worse on her side of the house, she decamped in with me for a while and then scarpered through to the spare room (more room in the bed!).

I'm hoping it will be less noisy tonight, although the forecast is bad again, its not as bad. As I left for work this morning - one of the hens was being buffered about the yard and although the dog went out for a bit, he's not keen on the wind and scarpered back indoors! Clever dog!

I hope its not too windy by you tonight!


  1. Wow it sure sounds like you had a scary night. In my neck of the woods in NE we are having roof collapse problems. Too much snow and ice. My ceiling in my living room has water damage from an ice dam on my roof.

  2. I was thinking about the Orkney and Shetland ferries today and so glad that I wasn't on one. Having done one journey from Shetland to Aberdeen in a gale I'm not keen to repeat it.
    Take care - and keep those hens tethered.

  3. Sounds a little too exciting. Sorry about your uprooted shrubs and unpotted plants. Hope your hens demonstrate more sense than seen previously and allow self preservation to keep them indoors until all risk of involuntary take-off has gone! Greenland is, as you say, a long way to go for eggs...

  4. From beyond my kitchen window - eek to ice dams - I hope you get it fixed!
    Linda - we did an Orkney to Aberdeen ferry which couldn't get in due to weather - horrific - 16 hrs on a boat not fun. I wouldn't like to do that Shetland route in bad weather! Hope it's not too bad by you.
    Janet - the shrubs out the garden are annoying planted 5ltr decent sized fushia in July - I would have expected them to stay!! Hens are being remarkably sane - surprising - right now I am dreaming of lovely winter garden jobs.

    Ta for the comments!

  5. Im glad that you and yours are all ok and none of your hens blew away to Greenland.
    I am trying to think happy thoughts of Spring,it can't be that far away now surely.We have had every kind of weather that Winter can dump on us and its boring now.

  6. Hey Julie nice to see you on here - you're in Moray aren't you?

    Don't mean to be nosey - my sister in law lives there - I love it there!

    I'm hoping that spring might be around the corner soon - we are very fed up of the weather too!

    No hens in greenland - collected 16 eggs today (they didn't get collected yesterday) so that's great - no trip to Greenland though - which would have been nice!

  7. My deraly beloved went home on the boat and he's said it wasn't very pleasant.

    Poor him!

  8. Yes Moray is a lovely part of the world and living here is great now I understand the Doric.

  9. Ah yes - my kids Granny G speaks it - quite something to get your head around!