Saturday, 5 February 2011

Resistance is futile

I want to plant some seeds today.

I've got a few (um ok 200-400+)  of coir jiffy 7's ordered from the great land of ebay and they've arrived.

I'm hoping to get a pile of tiny seeds grown to post to people when they are nice and small and help pay for my compost and garden stuff this year.

This will be a bit of my 'patch work' income. I can grow plants and post them, I know this works for me and makes the folk I can sell to happy as my plants and post service are good.

I'm mainly going to be growing vegetable seeds which can be posted when quite small.

My windowsills are becoming very sunny and warm (in between the gales of course).

The days are becoming longer.

I've kept all my loo roll inards (to help post the plants when they are grown) and I've kept all my cardboard and bubble wrap for recycled packaging.

I want composty hands and little labels all written

I want to be able to go and check their progress everyday.

I'm still worried its too early for my little eco-plant warriors.

I don't have a greenhouse but I do have a very warm 13 windowed conservatory which looks out to sea and they will have a nice view when they awake.

I'm terribly addicted to growing plants.

I thought I might start with aubergenes, peppers, chillis, tomatoes and possibly cucumbers.

But, I'm still sure its too early. Its a quandry as its too early for me up here - but if I get things started and send them 'sooth' to happy plant folk - then its probably not too early for them.

Decisions decisions.

However, as the Borg (star trek) would say quite soon - 'Resistance is futile'.

I will end up with composty hands sooner or later and a big silly grin on my face.


  1. How about broad beans and cabbages, I used to be buying those around march when I was sooth so there is a market for them about then.

  2. Hey great idea, can't do them here 'on the window sill' but I can ask at work for a bit of a space in a cold tunnel.

    Great idea dreamer!!!

  3. What a lovely addiction to have.You will be seeing little seeds in your sleep after you've done that lot.

  4. Sounds like a perfect plan for happiness all round - good luck holding out for slightly longer days, my money is on you succumbing to sowing seed by the end of the week, impossible to resist the lure of composty hands...

  5. Well not given in so far but it's only a matter of time :)

    Janet I don't give me more than a few days!!

    Squirrel family I did an online spreadsheet for my seeds - lol I have a few to get through!

    Julie it's a lovely addiction to have, but it keeps me happy