Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pandoras box is open

Look at it, sitting there, perfectly innocent.........
Don't be fooled - while I like to sew - this beautiful little sewing box is not what it seems. Although its for 'sowing' right enough. This is recycled from a collection of things that was donated to a local charity - so I fell in love with it - but I'm not much of a sewer - didn't take me long to figure out what it MIGHT be handy for. Three layers of being very handy indeed!

Almost got the picture? No sewing in sight, potential 'sowing' though.....

A fellow blogger has given me until next week until I cave and begin planting, Janet you might be right (!) - in between I've decided to tidy out the 'pandorica' box and find out what I DO have to sow...........................

Very pretty it is too!
Just chocablock of seeds and planty things!
I love the box and its very practical! Good recycling I think - it was beautifully made and I hope the old owners approve of my use of it now. Its very loved, and all of those seeds in there have covered the whole dining table - 104+ packets of little seeds in one little sewing box! I've made a list of them now and I can get to work with planning what I am going to sell as plants and what I am going to sell as seeds. I'm hoping to do this online and help pay for my own plants/garden/get a little income.

I'm hoping the planning will keep me distracted until next week - when I can sow some.


  1. Another week! Ooh big temptation!
    I have just been reading a dig for victory gardening book from 1940's which gives week by week guides to what to plant outdoors or in the greenhouse etc, was surprised that he was greenhouse sowing onions,sprouts,cukes,cabbage and caulis at start of Feb, now I want to sow some too..eek!

    Lovely sowing box :)

  2. I know it's killing me!! I love those old books - a lot of things will be bursting from everyones seed trays soon

    I've a crazy idea to challenge myself to grow my own for 365 days when I get this tunnel up :)

    Harvested the last of the carrots and turnips on Friday plenty veg still in the freezer. These days surely it can be done :)

    Good luck with the sowing dreamer

  3. I've just got a handful of leeks left then a bed of celeriac which got forgotten about, then that's it, apart from the herbs.Reckon your poltunnel will open up more possibilities for extending the grwoing season there, hope you tie it down well !

  4. I love the box, how utterly fab! xx

  5. What a great idea (I've one, but traditionally kitted out!) There's an award waiting for you over on my blog, if you care to check it out.

  6. what a lovely box, and as always you make great use of recycled stuff.

  7. Thats such a cool box.Well spotted!You will be able to rummage away to your hearts content in there.

  8. lovely box and so useful too

    I have already sown lettuce....but indoors

  9. Nice idea and re-using at its best there!

  10. Jenny - thanks!
    Bovey belle - I'm lost for words thank you :)
    Cheri I love recycling - special uses for old and fun things x
    Julie, ta I think it's supposed to resemble a local foot stool called a creepie
    Squirrel - I haven't yet sown anything but not long now x
    Posted your seeds today templewytch

    I've still to make a list of the flower seeds.

  11. It will be so much fun to watch your garden grow from start to finish. Love the sewing/sowing box!!

  12. I suppose this isn't the time to say that I caved in yesterday and did some sowing?!

    Love the box, beauty and practicality.

  13. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it!!! :D I have one of those and it holds 'sewing' I want another one LOL to hold 'sowing' goodies :D

  14. Hey there thank you!
    Janet - maybe tomorrow I'll cave in but so far so good!

    Angie nice to see you - and its quite fun putting the wrong thing in a nice box! Maybe its my devishside................nice of you to pop past.

    FBMKW - I am very much looking forward to that too - ta! A very pretty box and very handy.