Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The 'Germinator'

I’m about to enter the abyss – the catacomb from which there may be no return. Don't fear for me I've been here many times before.

My window sills are being cleared from the clutter of modern life
My windows will be cleaned carefully to allow all the light though
My life will be devoid of pictures of sweet children, no lamps, candles, books and all ‘the vestiges of family life’ none of this will now be beside the panes of glass in my house.
My household trays, recycled tubs are ready to house the troops

My pencil is sharp
My sleeves are up
My window sills will soon be held prisoner
My propagation-apron washed and ready for action

My labels and pencils are in the pockets of my apron (as we all know from experience – we NEVER remember what we’ve sown unless we label it)
My jiffy 7’s have been ordered, they await saturation and pre-selection for their forthcoming mission
My compost is ready for potting up, trays are ready, pots are primed
My first packet is open................

No window sill will be free from my evil clutches, it is time………pandora's box has been opened! Let the season begin...............

I am the germinator!


  1. Hurrah! Happy sowing. I didn't get on with jiffy 7's, found them hard to keep watered correctly. What do you do with them to keep them moist but not waterlogged? I've still got a load (thanks to freecycle).

  2. Janet, a bit of light hearted fun! Jiffy 7's I tend to hunker then closely on trays, takeaway boxes etc and check them twice a day - they are a menace for drying out. Theses are mainly for selling plants at 4-6 leaf stage after which they are potted up by their new owners :)

  3. My goodness ... sounds like another blur of energy from you. What a powerhouse you are, a shining example to we other mere mortals!

  4. I was a little worried at the beginning, but it was a very funny build up to seed planting.

  5. Duchess, at 5ft zero (on a good day) I'd hardly be a power house, but thank you for the lovely image. I'll reassure you I crash and burn very quickly! Thank you for popping past.

    Carolyn my windowsills look decidedly worried!! Glad you found it funny - the anticipation and build up to seed planting, the sowing of the first few seeds each season is truly wondrous! Thanks for popping past. Love your hellebores!!

  6. Hi Fay,
    Good Luck with the season.I never thought of gardening as a military campaign before, but it is really!
    Our enemy is'nt the wind though,its the dreaded slug!

  7. Hi Fay, you talk of my past, Previously I had two greenhouses packed to the gunnel's with half hardy annuals and Begonia tubers. This year is the start of my more relaxed attitude to gardening, the 1000 plus plants have been reduced to 60 Flamboyant Begonias. Everything else is going to be perennial, however we probably will pick up some annuals for tubs and baskets at the garden centre. Its true what they say, (everything has its day.)

  8. Have fun Fay :) Will launch a search party if we don't see you before the end of spring.
    P.S. I already have the first identification mystery of the season - a victim of non labeling.

  9. Julie it's a fun campaign but it's definitely a campaign!!

  10. Alistair - wow you've been busy in the past! Mainly I grow veggies and hardy perennial flowers, love the sound of 60 flambouyant begonias! I can't have the normal summer annuals in tubs and baskets here :( not a hope of them surviving but I'll have some calendula, nigella and cerinthe which appear to be ok......I like the idea of a relaxed attitude to gardening! Thanks for popping past.

  11. Anna - thank you - your comment made me run for my pencil and label. Late last night decided to do a few more seeds - and nearly didn't label them -!! Instead I checked myself and wrote out 'cucumber-space master 60 seeds'.
    A bush cucumber I'm trying forth first time, don't worry I'm not overdosing - 5 for me. Hopefully the other 55 will find homes.....

    The identifying of the seedling tray is a dance I do often - but, you can onlynlead this horse to water.