Friday, 25 March 2011

Nano-micro adventures

I'm having a quick whirl to the mainland (less than 24 hours by the city) a bit unexpectedly tomorrow and I'm going to get to go through this gorgeous flowery gate again for the first time in ages! I'm managing to run in and out of RBGE when I'm down for my nano-trip. I'm going to pack in as much as possible - including some yummy food after the plants have had a darn good oggle. I'm going here, in my lovely home from home, where I studied (twice, I'm so lucky) and as part of a lovely group of chums and due to kind specialists in each of their fields I learnt alot about all choloplasted beasts - from diatoms ............

........To pollen 
To everything else inbetween that can photosythesise!

{No photo to be added here I can't fit them all in!}

Yippee, I wonder if I can remember all the plant names and the names of all the squirrels! [doubtful!] But, I assure you I'll be hugging more than a tree or two, running about like a deranged lunatic and will of course do a ceremonial cartwheel - as its very traditional!

Catch you in a couple of days! Have a lovely weekend. I hope the sun smiles on you and your seedling awaken with vigour!


  1. Have a wonderful time!

  2. What beautiful diatoms, like so many turquoise beads and buttons. Makes one think twice before casually tossing DE around the hostas to deter slugs... Enjoy your whirlwind trip.

  3. Aren't those microscopic structures amazing! So beautiful. Hope you had a great trip.

  4. Like art. Love them.

  5. Say hello to Edinburgh for me! Particularly The Meadows - and ideal place to turn a few cartwheels by the way!

  6. Thought I recognised those gates! Hope you've had a good weekend down here - will look forward to hearing about your RBGE adventure. A very different Saturday to last week, then!

  7. Hi Fay,
    I imagine you are home by now.I don't know where last week went.I hope you had a great time.One of my daughters lives in Edinburgh.She loves the buzz of the place,so different from home.