Thursday, 24 March 2011


Thank you for all the lovely woo hoo's and good wishes yesterday - I really appreciate the support! And, well done for a bit of delurking too :) nice to see a few delurked comments! I'll take a photo or two of my wellie dance and I'll share it - I promise. Aside a bit of seed action waking with their little alarm clocks and my bad singing - there is nowt much happenning - OOT THERE at the moment. I found a picture of  a lovely dog wood Cornus alba from last year on a trip south which looked amazing - so that cheered me up!

I've been pondering a couple of things today........................

1 - Will I turn my central round bed in the garden out the sunny room window into a pond? It often got like that anyway - and the bird obilesk which I tried - um ended up in the fence after the first bad gale (but thankingfully not through the sunny room window!). I can't have any height here really due to the wind so a tree/shrub or anything normal for 'height' I think is an no no. I put three hebes in the bed and they went almost immediately.

I did a little nice round bed and put in a bird feeding thingmy - but too tall, it got reduced to a bit wee'r
Then when it wee, it turned into a pond when it got wet.................

Then I came home one day to find it in the fence - I'd only dug it about 2ft......... 
Then  by the early October it got a bit breezy ......
It was a nice idea, but given the velocity of my wind (as my lovely windsock fishy shows!), it didn't work! Therefore, I'm thinking a wee pond and something quite formal in shape - maybe get rid of the grass and use beach pebbles instead and a lovely place to look out with or without wind! I like the idea of a bit of a formal type of structure as over the six months when its horizontal wind out there - and something nice to look at! Even the ajuga looked like it had been ripped from the groud out there or set fire too, its got so much wind burn its not so much ground cover at the moment but well, shredded looking ground cover.

What do you think?

2 - When will my hens go back into their summer enclosure or will I make sure I can keep them out the garden with my superdooper new fences (photos unlikely as its quite shoddy at the moment!!) which means they are likely to pop into the house now and again....................
Its quite nice seeing them every morning - but I'm still not sure of the mess they make - maybe for the summer they need a bit more containing?
3 - Do campervans make good cold frames/greenhouses?  As the van is out there at the moment with a rather large 1m square boot - with lovely windows - would it make a good cold greenhouse for a few weeks - or is that a step too far? Would Darwin object or enjoy it? Mr Flowers will of course be shaking his head at the very idea of even thinking of it! I don't think it will get too moist inside? Only with a few things in there transitioning to the main garden......?

Only for a few weeks you understand, a month at the most and if we have then on trays - they can come out of there when we have an adventure and put them in the house! Would seedlings really appreciate the experience of being in a VW camper for a bit? Maybe it would make a rather lovely vintage 'unique' temporary greenhouse................?! Other folk here use old buses as greenhouses, they seem quite effective, but of course they are undrivable, not like darwin!

A step too far? Maybe..........

4 -Will we invest in a new hen mansion for the hens or make a type of shabby chic set of apartments from all the little hen houses we have - a bit like renovating an old complex and putting in a bit new extensions?

I'm still thinking this through as it would be nice to have somewhere nice for them - but then again - I might try and find an old shed on freecycle and add to the ecclectic beach hut type shabby chic feel........better recycling too! I can make them little walk ways to each 'complex'?

New or old, needs a bit more thought.............!

5 - Will having been awarded a stylish blogger award (after I picked myself up from the floor)  from a few lovely folk (and I will post a good reply  to them soon and thank you very much)...............Will this improve my own style personal potential? I think probably not or maybe for my hats.................!

I'd happily have a stylish hat award :) and many thanks for the stylish blogger award - quite surprised but chuffed.


  1. Great post - so many questions to ponder indeed.
    For what it's worth from me: 1. I'm loving the idea of a pebble garden actually. Maybe you could create an artistic mandala style with lots of rocks and a few hardy herbs? 2. I predict the hens will be magically contained within your super dooper fences. 3. Campervan greenhouse? hmm - I guess it would work. 4. U should renovate and expand the chook mansion. 5. Style is as stylish as you make it - stay the way you are! cheers Wendy

  2. I think pond good too - I did wonder about some of our native cliff top plants for the stony garden - they might work none of the traditional hardy herbs survive the wind here ( good idea but not even a rosemary would see the winter out here....) great idea though.
    I hope the hens behave....and thinking a recycled hen house linked up condo a great idea. Darwin the cample isn't keen for plants but might not object to a few wee trays.....
    I'll stay hatted, pigtailed and grinning then!! X ta for the comment ;)

  3. have had a bit of a mix up with my comments -this is for your last post


    Well done. Sorry I have not commented for a while but I have been reading. It will be good to have something PAID for you to get your teeth into. Hope that makes sense

  4. I think its really cool that the chickies pop in to say Good Morning! I think Darwin would very much like to help you with your growing but I would be worried it would make him damp inside.
    x x x

  5. Ooh, questions!

    1. Pond is cheery - would it dry up and blow away in the wind though?? Native cliff plants is good idea!

    2. Hens - I love having them wandering around - but then they're not wandering into my house... I reckon stick with the super dooper fences for now.

    3. I reckon Darwin would make an EXCELLENT greenhouse! Could you leave the window open a little if you're worried about damp?

    4. Definitely make do and mend with the hen houses - maybe you could paint them all different colours for a bunting-like appearance??

    5. You are definitely most stylish person ever :)


  6. Great post - I would go with the pond idea. always plenty to look at in a pond. xxxx

  7. If the area gets soggy anyway, then yes it seems to want to be a pond - and ponds are great. Love the hats too - can't go wrong with good gardening hats!

  8. Folk here use old buses as greenhouses so I would just think of a camper van as a mini greenhouse. When the wind is blowing you need all the help you can get.

  9. Hey hey it looks like the pond might be the way forward!

    Jenni - hmm not stylish at all I fear
    Diane nice to 'see you!
    Aurora - excellent recycling isn't it when the buses are used again - great thinking from what I can see! Thanks for the comment.
    PInk Fairy - I like the chookie but not they're poopy way by the door............!
    Nice to see you sue!

  10. What a wonderful blog! Love your little neck of the woods and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your adventures there. I have decided if I ever run away from home, you may find me knocking on your door =) Cheers Julia