Sunday, 3 April 2011

Beware of sloping beaches...........

OK, first of all - when I wibble on about the weather being so bad here, I promised to tell you when it was gorgeous and yesterday was one of the those beautiful days! Here you go - on a day like that a trip to the beach (via picking up willow cuttings) had to be done. What a gorgeous beach we went to yesterday - the second barrier beach down towards Burray in Orkney. In this house we do like this beach!
The second thing to say is that these are a combination of both my own and my other halfs attempts with the camera cos if I don't he whines like a baby! Team work today, always a good thing!
Isn't it gorgeous, and the oyster catchers were also having a little sunbathe. We tried to creep up on them.........
 They sat nicely for us and then of course along came the dog - they didn't hang around for long!
 Boats, beaches and the wind turbine in the background - a really wonderful scene. And, look in the distance the cows are back!!! They go inside lovely snuggly sheds in the winter - but today there they are out in the sunshine - spring is definitly on its way!
 And of course when on the beach, always on the look out for those pesky fish boxes - but not today - although whats that we spied in the far corner of the beach.............
A half barrel upside down, full of sand, whole, unclaimed and used on boats for fish and bait - unfortunately for the fisherman it fell of his boat - from where I don't know, but I do know where its going.......home with me! It even had two handy little bits of string handles on it!
And, what a gorgeous little walk we had, this beach is often full of cowrie shells - but not today. However as we lollupped up the steps these cheery daisies are flowering through the railway sleepers! Very lovely and bright!
 The new bucket in the car with the willow cuttings and all the other gubbins (random stuff) in there - chainsaw, special trousers for those and who knows what else - no room for peedie in there after that trip to the beach!
And back to the title, as you arrive at this beach you're given a warning - as these beaches are beside the artifical barriers which have roads on them now - the water is very deep beyond the sandy shelf - so beware of sloping beaches!
Thankfully, a bit cold for swimming (normally its too cold here for swimming except on the occasional day) therefore we were in no real danger - phew! What a lovely day indeed!

And, happy mothers day today for all you mummies - I hope your lovely younglings spoil you all! xx


  1. Hi Fay,
    That is one of my favourite ways to spend time,on a beautiful beach.If these dratted beefy showers would just go away today,I could go and do just that.
    Happy Mothers Day and Happy Sunday.

  2. That's one of the best beaches. I also love the Sands of Wright in South Ronaldsay. All that sand at the beach in Burray has built up in the time I've been growing up. The old metal bits of boat sticking out of the sand used to be in the water and we would jump off the end into the sea. I'm only 33! The stony beach on the other side of Burray, beside the Fossil Centre, is where I used to collect welks (winkles) for making a few pennies as a child and it is a good one for razor fish too. The elvers go up the burn from the loch in Summer and come back as big eels. Lots of wildlife to see.

  3. How about Dingieshowie ? We've had some great walks there in all weathers.

  4. There are as many beaches here to love as there are prehistoric monuments I think :)I'm thinking if there isn't a beaches of Orkney guidebook then there should be! I like sand of wright with the camper - great you can park on the beach and Dingeshowe is great if you want to go dune running or listen to very crashy waves.

    Glad you liked the post chaps:) Hzel thanks for the compliments - I'll pass them on

    Mrs Bok - its a rather fine bucket!

    Julie sunny here again I'm afraid! (not often I can say that can I?)

  5. Our oystercatchers have ditched the white shirts. Now I see why they are called African black oystercatchers. Ironically appropriate in many ways ;~)

  6. Gorgeous walk with you today Fay.
    We see those very oyster catchers here (Queensland)! What a long way they travel each seaon for a holiday.

  7. absolutely delightful blog post. you have a wonderful feel-good way of writing. i felt like i was on the walk with you. what a lovely uncomplicated day!

  8. I felt as if I was on your walk with you...

  9. Utterly breathtaking, makes all the wild weather and long cold spells worthwhile. And if the cows are out and about, it really must be Spring, even on Orkney!

  10. Oh goody - what a yummy beach find you've brought home this trip! Wish the skies here would clear up and be as blue as your new barrel. One can only imagine the adventures you two will have. I just hope your fishboxes are well-behaved and don't pick on the new guy for being rather--portly.

    That's quite the windmill in the background. With all the wind you describe, I would imagine they are popping up more and more.

    Glad you enjoyed your sunny outing. Thanks for the beach walk. I can practically feel sand in my shoes.... ;-D

  11. Hi, I found you through Lyn at Slow Growing in Scotland and just had to say what a lovely surprise it was to see pictures of this fantastic beach! I had a picnic there with my family last July, and have photos of exactly the same views! It was so windy that we had to have our piece huddled under the cliff near the steps, hidden in the cow-parsley. It was absolutely beautiful, though I've never seen such an intense blue sea as there is in your photos - as blue as the barrel. Lovely.

  12. Hello to you all!
    What wonderful comments - how lovely to hear them all - apologies for not mentioning you all by name - brain addled by too much writing during the day!

    Nice to know you've all got sandy feet - and similar birds where you are!

    I love beaches dancing beastie - how lovely you've been there too :) hello and welcome along!

    Kris I love wind turbines - I know they are a bit contraversial but I do like them and what they stand for - the skies were grey here today but lovely at the weekend - thank you!

    Janet I know, if the cows are coming out to play then life will wake up very quickly!! I wonder when they will be back in our field....x

    The sage Butterfly - hello and I'm glad you liked our walk!

    Journey to scotland thank you for the compliment!

    Duchess that is alot of flapping!!!

    E eye - how lovely - I didn't know that!

    Nice to hear from you all, if I miss you at all I'm sorry braid addled with thesis writing - not long now then I'm free but lots to do inbetween!

    Hugs! x