Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Look what's coming home..........!

How excited am I - whilst it might not look much there sitting all innocently by the gate passing some time with the trees planted in the field, its going to change my life immensely! Isn't it bonnie? Tomorrow my little beautiful polytunnel frame will make it along the road, from its old house, where the man kindly gave it to us for free, a kind of recycling, but we're so grateful - so we said thank you and we took it all apart and now it will have a jaunt in a little van, come doon the little track tae the hoose. If of course the chooks will let the truck past!
Imagine a gardening space with no wind, oh do such places exist? Not in the windy north I'm afraid - unless you put a polytunnel up! And, this one will be up before the summer is out! I'm beyond excited - if excitement was able to be bottled and sold for fuel, I'd have you all very well provided for!!! And boy has it been a windy couple of days! The windsock has been dancing - well it would be if I'd got it back up after it broke in the last gales in November! I must put it back up........
I can't decide if the first thing in it will be chookies, flowers, veggies, a swimming pool, or perhaps just a chair and maybe some compost and a pot or two and some flowers? And, I'll be in there every morning in my pjs!

How perfect, a cosy place to garden in pj's - I'll keep you updated, it will take a while to get all the bits we need and to get a cover home! And I wanted to say a quick hello to those of you following, from the beginning to the newest of you - I appreciate you all and love that you're taking the time to pop in on us up here in the windy north - it's lovely to think that you're out there sharing our adventures with us!

Oh and it needs a name - at my old work in Fife they were all called after prisons (I liked his humour!) as the plants were in for hard labour - I wonder what this one will be called? Time to get the thinking caps on!


  1. Waves hello! :) it will take a while to get up - but I'm happy to share! Nice to see you here and over on your patch I'm waving from the window of the living room!

  2. Well, it has to be POLLY, doesn't it?

    Sorry, just couldn't help it!!

  3. Ooooh! What fun!

    I'd be astonishingly predictable and call it Polly :) :)

  4. Jenni and Anne - Great idea! - at my last job they were called after scottish prisons - he'd send us down to saughton, barlinnie, carstairs etc - to go and get plants.

    As its going to be balmy and windless - it might become its own realm - or palace or kingdom I was perhaps thinking of naming it like the 'shire' in Lord of the Rings!

    I'm grinning just thinking of it.

    Thank you for popping past....x

  5. Hi Fay
    Cosy comfortable gardening.Thats what you want.I think you'll have to extract your hens quite often once they know how cosy and calm its going to be inside!

  6. Wooo! Exciting news indeed - can't wait for the picture the day you get it all up and running!


  7. I am excited for you and a little jealous, which is unreasonable as I already have a wind-free pyjama-friendly place to garden, even if it is a little small, in the shape of my lovely greenhouse. I was out there this morning in my pyjamas as it happens! I'm betting on the chooks closely followed by you with a chair and a mug of something hot.

  8. Fay -- I was right in the middle of housecleaning and an idea came to me for your poly tunnel name(s). Instead of prisons, why not name them after ancient churches or abbys. After all, inside the poly will be a sanctuary from the wind and weather and .. most likely .. you'll be on your knees a lot. ;-D

  9. How exciting. I like the idea of naming it like the shire in the Lord of the Rings, that way you will feel as if you are in a different world (which of course you will be)

  10. Kris great idea!

    Janet I'm jealous of your greenhouse!

    Cheri - it will be a different world!

    Robyn woo hoo indeed - camera out quickly I will tell you!

  11. Julie I bet they will try and get in there

    Paula - sweet indeed!!