Friday, 8 April 2011

Coming to a post box near you..............

My local post box - set in a lovely location, but you can't see much of it today (there is a gorgeous view there honest)!!!!! I'm afraid spring has not really 'sprung' properly here - we thought it had for a day or so, but alas - nope! Its grey/wet/windy and yukky. 56mph winds last night - can't imagine what thats done to any new growth out there. Bah - I love it here but can't the weather be a bit kinder to those little newly growing things? Or are daffodils supposed to grow sideways?
Anyway, coming to a post box near you - if this in the distance is what my nearest one looks like - I wonder what yours does? Or is your post collected?
 We've one of these lovely red telphone boxes by our post box - it does make me smile, they are'nt very common anymore.
Here you go, most things (generally plants and seeds) I send from ebay foray's go from here, cards, letters, the odd bill and everything else - right in the middle of a junction of a very quiet road by the sea - not often many cars - its not exactly a motorway but its a lifeline if you don't want to travel into town, especially with the cost of petrol thesedays. Any savings that can be made on that score is great.
Isn't it gorgeous - all red and bright - its got a 'GR' on it - which I guess means its from King George - so how long has that been there? Its been built into the wall - gorgeous its now a part of the world here - very lovely and covered in lichens too.
Its got a little flap on it where the post goes in - you lift it up to pop the post in, I guess in weather like today - wet/windy/wild - its means the post stays safe? I've finally got the hang of making my little parcels of plants big enough to fit through this one, just in case I'm not in town - if I get here by lunchtime - it will be collected - our post goes by air - things from this little post box up here with that (generally) lovely view - can be anywhere else in the UK by 9am the next day - cool huh? All for the price of a few stamps. Whilst the weather might be unkind today and spring seems a distant memory (OK it was sunny on Wednesday!) we do have some advantages of living here - a fantastic postal service, especially for 'going sooth'!


  1. I spent Hogmanay with a few days on Bute, and was amazed at how many red telephone boxes were dotted all over the place. Here in Glasgow there are a bank of them at the university, but I've not seen any others.

  2. Hi Fay,
    The post box and the telephone box look like shiny red beacons in that photo.Very cool picture where everything else that day was grey or green.

  3. Your weather does look a bit "mucky" - the red cheers it up no end. xxx

  4. the red on the landscape is so fun. i don't know how they decided on red and not green or blue but the color is just right. i love the picture with the post box and the phone box ... it's like a flash from the past on a children's tv program.

  5. Jackie I do like seeing them :) cool there are some at the uni!

    Julie yesterday was definitely grey!

    Diane mucky is a good word.....

    Jts- indeed very kids tv ish :) I often wonder why red?

  6. No red phone boxes here at all any more. Lovely contrast for you though - the post box and the phone box. Is this in walking distance of your house?

  7. I do love red post boxes - and telephone boxes. Wonder why there seem to be so many more of them in Scotland? There were two on the tiny Island of Lismore - which I feel in love with, Lismore not the phone boxes.

  8. Duchess - its about half mile from the hoose! I love the colour of them.

    Janet - islands and phone boxes are both wonderful - never been to Lismore - we use to live in Colonsay on the west coast - and whilst we'd be near it we never went.

    I didn't realise there were more in scotland? Now that is curious.