Friday, 6 May 2011

The most excellent use of a lawn mower (part 27)

Have chook house will travel - time for the chooks to get into their summer residence.  Don't let anyone ever tell you a sit on mower is a boring purchase. I LOVE IT. It even makes grass cutting exciting. If that could be possible. Ours is called BRB (Big Red Beast) - we don't really need it here, but combine it with a small trailer and instantly life takes on a new dimension. This is another most excellent use of the wrong tool for the job, in this case how NOT to use a lawn mower.
Hard work eh? Not hugely fun looking is it? Hmm I think the boy child in my life doesn't look too hard done by does he? 
 The cellist of course was relegated to bringing up the rear with the hen ladder over the shoulder!
Around the yard, from one byre to the next to move the hens into their summer enclosure, I mean prison, um, I mean enclosure. They didn't need to eat my flowers did they? Nope, so they are now in their summer residence where they can get out in the evening........for a little walk, then they come back home to their enclosure. Perfect. Free range hens, which can come out to play every day for a walk.
 Best use of a lawnmower I've ever seen. I love BRB. He's alot of fun. No, of course I mean he's a hardworking, practical, machine which we occassionally use for grass cutting. Not fun, practical. Who am I kidding, I love him. We needed him for our last house where the garden we looked after needed a big mower, we don't need him now - but he's such fun and a part of the family - we've made sure we use him alot! But, the mower blade completely unengaged, it hardly ever is!
. Poor BRB I often wonder if he thinks he's a tractor, not a lawn mower! By the time the second house needed to go, oh dear more use of the BRB. Even better, there is even a bit of team work that involves both having a bit of fun.

Hope the chookies like the new place for them. Chookie hooses in the cosy byre, the ladder oot the windae to a lovely grassy patch their lovely summer residence.


  1. It reminds me of the film "Chicken Run", when one of the chickens says, "Oh, are they goin on their olidays?" I loved that film!

    Just keep an eye on them and make sure they'e not building an aeroplane to escape!!

  2. i've always fancied one of those brb's. they look very fun. i like the idea of a summer residence for your chooks ... it sounds terribly posh. i hope they realize what a great life they have!

  3. At the moment we have our recently acquired chooks using a highly unsatisfactory Doggy Varikennel - previously used to iterantionally transport our cat, Charlie, from Sweden to France - as their Only residence. Must make an effort to find (make not a real choice with my DIY skills) a decent hoose or ark! We have a BGM - big green machine, an elderly John Deere that was essential in Sweden but now not so sure! Considering a move to the Hebrides (Lewis/Harris/N Uist) though, so must hang on to it, just in case.

  4. i think you need to put the soundrack to the great escape up lol

    hope they stay and leave the flowers alone now

  5. BRB = multi-purpose tool! Very efficient:) Hope those hens enjoy their new digs! Cheers, Jenni

  6. Oooh, I want one! The trailer is a genius addition. A multi-purpose tool! Hope the hens are sufficiently content with the evening walk - and that they don't grab the opportunity to wreak revenge by eating your flowers...

  7. BRB looks just too cool for the boy child wrapped up so. As for yourself, you look so acclimatized.