Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The distraction of the posh purple wellies

 Has there ever been a more wonderous sight, than a new pair of very lovely wellies?
 All crisp and clean in their very own posh box, these aren't any wellies - these are my new posh purple wellies (thank you Mr Flowers). What a treat!
Inside they even have little crown crests (endorsed by some very posh folk) and a little place to write your name and address incase your wellingtons go a wandering on their own. Clever little label, knowing the wellies are prone to a good adventure.
 Has anything ever been so gorgeous? Excuse the fixation, its hardly ever we get new stuff in this eco-mother nut job recycled household (my childrens kind words, in jest I hasten to add!), but these were a pressie.
 So very clean and not a speck of mud on their soles, or should that be 'souls' wellies definitely have a soul - well two I guess.
Very last time they'll ever be in the house on a rug in my sitting room that's for sure - but don't they look gorgeous - modelled the sneaky cellist who just wanted a try on. But, thankfully for me they are tight on her feet which are a size bigger. Ah ha! A definite advantage to being smaller than your children. These are MY purple wellies, back off cellist!

Unfortunately they aren't getting much action at the moment as I'm chained to a computer writing up. I'd best watch them, label or not - they look like adventure wellies and they won't do well with neglect. I've put them away for a bit - too much of a distraction. They are currently strapped into the car, drinking in the view around the island when I drive about. Don't think they had much of a look around Orkney when they were in their box in the shop! Best keep an eye on them eh? If I'm slow to respond you'll find me under a heap of papers - not being distracted by my wellies! Anon!


  1. They are very beautiful wellies!

  2. Ooh they're fab! Not surprised you're distracted!

    R xx

  3. Oh Fay, they are fabulous, the perfect gift. They really need some mud - or at least sand - on them though...

  4. stunningly beautiful wellies. the purple color is lovely and they do look very posh. i am really happy for you!

  5. Those are the best. I've been looking at them in yellow. You're right, a bit "posh" as you say. I say "spendy"

  6. I'm behind in reading your blog, Fay, so will start here and work backwards.
    Zingy wellies - almost enough to persuade me out of my 30 year old green ones.

    And as much as your wellies, I covet your stripey rug!

  7. Of course you'll have to have a pair of posh dungarees to go with them, you couldn't possible use them with "Old" gardening clothes!!

  8. Love them, so posh and they look even posher on the rug. I want both the wellies and the rug so please make sure not to invite me or you might have a wellie wearing rug burgler to chase down the path!

  9. WOW!! How posh are you! What a brilliant pressie.

  10. You're all very kind!

    Cheri - I've my eye on you!!!

    I had my last hunters for 20 years so I'm happy to endorse them to anyone

    As a birthday pressie I'd highly recommend them as it means someone else (thankfully) pays!! I couldn't afford wellies like that!!

    They've already been to the beach, in the garden and in the local supermarket and on a job with me - so they're not that new looking now!!!

    Linda don't worry I'm behind on everything at the mo due to evil deadline for writing up.

    I'll enjoy you all the more once I've finally done it!!

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