Monday, 23 May 2011

No photos please..........I''m in my luminous jacket

I hate the wind,  not a bit, not quite a bit, ALOT.

Currently watched 50+ MPH wind trash my futile attempts at a garden, oh for about 8 hours now. My washing ended up in the field - even wihth 4 storm pegs per sock. Had to retrieve a hen from behind the wheel of the camper - hiding to get out of the wind. Did I venture OUT there in my cut off trousers and pumps and t-shirt - no - full industrial winter gear, sallopets, luminous jacket, two bricks in my pockets and a wooly hat, scarf and huge wellies (can't take the posh ones out - they'd be outraged). Picked up the hen, collected the washing and ran back inside invigorated from my cold shower!

I'm not a happy puppy.

There may be photos tomorrow if my camera isn't in Greenland. Although if my house and its contents get there safely - I'd be happy about that.


This is just NOT fair. Not in May.

However, didn't I just write - the wind in Orkney is from any direction, can occur at any time of year and there are only 10 days a year without wind.

Maybe I did - but in May - thats just rude.

Thankfully the Cerinthe and Marigolds aren't planted out yet - but I think my onions are done for!


  1. looking out my window and watching a few trees gently wave hello to me, it's hard for me to picture the intensity of your wind. i'm sorry it's been destroying your best laid plans. it does seem a bit rich to be wrecking such havoc in May and i think you were right not to wear your best wellies out into the wind. :)

  2. I remember rushing round the garden in a futile attempt to protect the plants and shrubs from wind rock and stop the windbreak blowing away. And then there was the polytunnel.....
    You just have to baton down the hatches and watch the Chelsea Flower show. Stiff breeze (by Orkney standards) down here.

  3. Not good enouh for May. Here -not wishing to rub salt - it's been very hot, windless and dry for a week or so, though we did have a bit of cloud and a breeze yesterday at times. Today is more of the same. Most of the lettuces have died and the odd aubergine looks a bit sorry for itself but is by no means down and out yet. My chillis look a bit droopy but given the heat I'm not surprised. They're still in pots, which we increase as needed. Haven't tried planting them out - probably won't bother now! Hope the weather improves up there. I know the Hebrides are also having a fair bit of unseasonal wind and rain, too! Small consolataion, I'm sure!

  4. ?? bricks in the pockets ??
    And I was expecting a post about the Chelsea build ;~)

  5. I loved the bricks in your pockets, well, yer little like me. Wind is getting up here also and is expected to turn wild in a few hours.

  6. All I seem to have done today is run in and out trying to stop pots from flying away, battening down the hatches and watching everything blow all over the place!
    I hate wind!