Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Heartbreaking hearing the reports of Iceland and seeing the devestation this new volcano eruption has had up there. We're getting a bit of ash here, but watching the news, a little dust here is hardly anything to the suffering its causing up in Iceland. Hearts up there the now with all those folk, farmers and wildlife trying to cope with it all. Hardly seems fair.
In the midst of off of this here we've had horrific winds for a fair old time now, which whilst common throughout the year, the strength and length of them at this time of year is heartbreaking. I've been watching the buds swell on oriental poppies which are dotted all over the island and then slowly watched many of them bursting into bud and being destroyed.
Hardly seems very fair. This little fella a day or two old was so trying to cling on I had to stop the car and take a photo or two. Poor thing.
I hope the wind dies down a bit to let it have another go at flowering. A girl can hope, eh?


  1. Oh no! I'd no idea the effects would be so strong with you, that really is heartbreaking to see.

  2. My mums been complaining about the wind and her garden. the ash cloud is terrible for the people in Iceland.xx

  3. Your right to point out how we, including me get caught up about the ash cloud. Your right its nothing compared to what people are experiencing in Iceland.

    The wind here has been horrendous though, I've read there is more to come our way.

  4. Wind and ash - ugh. Poor poppies - though as you say, the people of Iceland have it worse. I saw a very sad farmer in the south of England standing in a wheat field that should have been at waist height by now, and is barely past his ankles due to the drought. I think we are going to see high food prices soon because of it, and yet more farmers out of business. Puts my worries about my allotment into perspective.

  5. I agree, what Iceland is coping with puts our problems in perspective.
    Such a sad, windburnt poppy.