Sunday, 29 May 2011

Reasons to be cheerful...........

A few reasons to be cheerful whilst madly finishing a write up! Now I can't tell you anything about the garden without bursting into tears - its trashed with all that wind - wind is not a gardeners friend - therefore anything that was growing, lets just say its NOT growing anymore. Therefore I'm not taking any pictures outt there - so time for a walk down the track to look at the wild flowers. First reason to be cheerful - walking down the track and counting 97 orchids..........all looking a bit like this.......

Finding a tenner in the washing machine, nice and soggy looking isn't it?
Anyway the machine only has my own clothes in it! Yippe that means the £10 is really mine! We have our own money up here in scotland - three banks issue notes - so they are always good to look and see which bank they are from. I'm sure it will dry out soon! 
Another reason to be cheerful - collecting 8 eggs today again, the hens are still laying and watching out the back door, finding the chickens still in their summer enclosure - I let them out for a walk everyday for a couple of hours and an adventure  but finally we're all getting the hang of the fact that they live in there for a bit to save my garden and my sanity! Clever old chickens........
 And of course spying Einstien looking gorgeous - having a bowl of left over grub from the kitchen - doesn't he look gorgeous - and he's a gentleman, always makes sure the ladies get the food first - what a star.
 Another reason to be cheerful - watching this silly dog - trying to run - he's more of a lounger than a runner - so when he does break speed - he's very funny.
Wellie boots all lined up in a row outside the backdoor - another very fine reason to be cheerful - the purple ones are of course on my feet!
Finally something else to be cheerful about - I'm handing in my thesis this week, the exams are nearly over for my children too and we're going ot plan our summer holiday adventure. Then I can start to think about the polytunnel. I'll  finally get a wind free garden - yippee I'll get a way around this wind one way or another!!!! Now back to the books - that's my reasons to be cheerful for today. What about yours?


  1. I'm fairly sure that was my tenner! Bless peedie pup, little legs are not built for speed are they :-) Lovely reasons to be cheerful x x

  2. My reason to be cheerful - just back from a great folk festival concert on Hoy! Otherwise I'm weeping too at the havoc the wind has caused. My lovely new border is trashed, and the established border looks very sad. I daren't go and see my new "plantation" of "sticks"..... leaves on my small sycamore all burned and the white-beam looks sad too. Fortunately I'd planted all my veggie seeds late so they are still safely underground.....and if they ahve any sense they'll stay there....sigh. Good luck with the writing up!! Nearly there!

  3. Great to see wild orchids in the UK.

  4. Well - mourning lots of wind losses here too, but - - oh yes - I sewed a snake for youngest today. Was supposed to be getting on with the curtains, but snakes are really more important. x

  5. Lovely reasons to be cheerful and altogether a lovely post - especially as I am also very fed up with the wind, which has been gusting and blowing for a month now - and has managed to bring down part of our boundary wall, which has probably been standing since 1860 - right must go and find something to be cheerful about .....

  6. The orchids are so beautiful! What a treasure to see them on your walks. I think you have so many reasons to be cheerful and I enjoyed your photos. Sorry about the dreadful wind, I cannot image the frustration of trying to garden and then having it's destroyed.

  7. what a lovely post. i enjoyed your great attitude of finding something lovely out of the chaos caused by the wind. you are a good reminder to look around me and appreciate what i have. the orchids are beautiful.

  8. Einstien is very handsome and I'm sure he's a gentleman but it's all really a ruse to get his wicked way with the ladies. It's what our Errol (after Errol Flynn) used to do all the time!
    Love the orchids. I used to get upset when the council cut the verges (and the orchids). Maybe they don't do that anymore. Another reason to be cheerful!

  9. Well done on your thesis. Wind is a bit of natural selection in Orkney unfortunately. Just have to plant more of what survived.

  10. gorgeous pictures as always. I do love the wild orchids, they are blooming nicely here too. I just hope that the folks that have them on their verges dont mow them down this time.

  11. such cheery pics! they all made me smile :) love the lopsided gallop of young pup and the wellies of course!

  12. A lovely cheerful post - thank you. I think the boots in various sizes all lined up are just great. Lucky the tenner survived the wash, a really good reason to be cheerful!

  13. So nice that you found so many things to be cheerful about despite the wind. Here it is the heat, 90F (32C) here today and 95 tomorrow. Peonies lasted only a few days and so many other flowers are going by way too fast. My son helped me plant a lot of new plants today so I am happy about that.

  14. Beautiful orchids - and love the chicken run, no wonder they are happy to stay put, plenty of space and a daily adventure! Good luck with the final write-up phase, and so sorry about the wind damage, thank goodness for your indoor growing.

  15. "Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them."
    I appreciate your attitude, every so often we all have to dust ourselves off and plough on in life.

  16. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A BLOG until Dreamer mentioned it on hers. Oh, how lovely, I have an evening of catching up now.

    Thank you Orkneyflowers!

    Sft x

  17. Hey chums! Finally it looks like I can comment. Thank u all :)

    For those new hello welcome to the windswept chaos!

    One more reason to be cheerful, thesis printed :)

    Hugs to u all, winter again here or so it seems.

    Sft hello!

    Jane what a lovely comment thank u!

    Janet thank goodness for the trusty windowsills :)
    Carolyn, I love peonies, eek to that heat!
    Ronnie hello! Tenner still unspent
    Mrs bok wellies always cheerful aren't they!

    Cheri fingers crossed!!
    Sleepwalker, I wouldnt mind but I've planted the usual Orkney suspects and theyve still ot deaded!

    Janet errol, what a cool name, I think u might be right Einstein has his own motives.

  18. Jts - everyday things need appreciated more don't they?
    Jenni - it's challenging (the wind) but we still do it!!

    Karen sorry to hear about your wind damage, this time of year wind and gardens don't mix.

    Barefoot critter, snake looked ace ( think I saw it on your blog) very cool!!!

    Bag a treat isn't it, they are everywhere here but, still so breathtaking!!

    Sian you will see me soon!

    Peedie isn't built for speed is he vicki?? Xx nice to see u xx