Friday, 25 November 2011

Barefoot and blustery - another seven days

 Been a while since I've done a wee blog - apologies for that its been a very busy seven days of new jobs, garden jobs, sunshine, showers, gales and hail! That being said it didn't stop us getting out for a yomp and a play up on the heather clad hill with the dog - he's very daft indeed - we had fun rolling down the heathery hills stopping for breath at the bottom.  
 First off last weekend, a peedie stop at the top of the hill on my way home, to gawp at the view...........I live down there - can't see our house, its to the right, but the general view always takes my breath away - scattered houses among the heather and the fields. That's my view most days too and from work...nice eh?
 Walking along peat tracks trying not to get soggy!
The week was filled with the handover of the keys at my work - new beginnings! Very exciting, I'm now officially employed for half the week as a professional womble*...........keys to womble HQ in my sticky hands! Exciting and very scary, new jobs are, aren't they?! (*ok, my official job title is not actually called a womble, its a Recycling site manager, for our local charity, but you get the idea!)
And being at a function (thankfully organised by someone else this time!) to attend promoting local food and reducing food waste - well attended that was pretty awesome, well done guys! (Find out how you might save almost £500 a year by purely loving food.......)
 And the other part of my paid work, gardening! I also managed to get a bit proper gardening and a bit of tidy up, done for a local lady I help - introduced myself to her garden and  have spent many an hour talking to her blackbird too. Cute or what? I like working in other peoples gardens, they are so interesting!
Wandering around on blustery days looking at various local Laburnum trees asking them why on earth they are flowering in NOVEMBER??????? What a very daft plant, its certainly NOT spring when its supposed to flower. 
I've also been madly wrapping up plants, in recycled material, for mailing to folk who've bought a few peedie ones (rooted in jiffy 7 plug) I sell quite a few online.I love putting parcels to the post office and thinking of where my plants will end up for customers or for lovely friends! I've a UK map here at home and I put a tiny dot for each plant that leaves here going to its destination. Its quite fun thinking about the various places they end up! The main thing I've been mailing at the moment is Tolmeia menziesii - the piggy back plant (my mother plant is in the picture - she's brilliant!), a fabulous little plant. I've been popping her well rooted little plantlets in the post all week, such fun. And, I must 'do an Alistair' and blog about it properly. I love it a brilliant plant and I love his blog about plants!
  And by the end of the week, I like being safely inside, listening to the wind and the hail and the rain hitting the windows, glad I'm finally inside - a really mixed week of weather from warm sunshine, blustery days and finally hail and gales. YUK, the view from the window tonight before it got dark! Bleurgh. 
Thankfully we've got out a lot before the weather got bad! Hope your week has been fun filled, interesting and not as windy and hail filled as here!

Join Jacqui, The Barefoot Crofter for her seven days..... and a happy birthday to her too!


  1. Well, thank you, for the birthday wish. I have managed to string it out for most of the week, with lunches and cards etc. I can't actually see out my windows because of the salt spray, and there is no point in cleaning them for the next few days at least.
    You have had a great looking week though. Love your drive to work - and good luck in the new job. xx

  2. I had forgotten about piggy back plants. I used to grow them in my flat in Edinburgh many moons ago. Cracking wee plant!

  3. Janet, I love it so. I've never met such a versatile plant. Fab indoors, utterly hardy and tough. Don't water it and it won't mind, neglect it and it might sulk, starve it of water and it flops, begs for mercy and perks up with the bat of an eyelid.

    From linnew's neck of the woods. (

    Like her utterly unique (montypic). I love it's morphology.

    And hardy outdoors down to (in my own experience in edinburgh, outdoors to -14, but others profess it's hardy further than that outdoors.

    An utter star.

  4. Jacqui, I wholeheartedly agree to spinning out birthdays, very special days indeed!

    Thank you for the good luck re the job, islands are, hard on the purse. Gardening is quite erratic, therefore a regular wage is much appreciated.

    Hope you and yours are well.

    Fay x

  5. Monotypic. Darn my iPads grammar. Botanical terms and it aren't chums.

  6. Janet are laburnums behaving in a ridiculus manner round your way? It's all over the island here.

  7. Hiya! How lovely to see the link! And how wonderful to see the view, so beautiful. Little Tolly is doing very well, he has a view out to my garden, and he gets all the hours of daylight there are, I don't close the blind on that window.

    Plants down here are going a bit crazy too - forsythia is part-flowering, Japanese anemone is growing like crazy, and out on a walk earlier this week I saw brambles with old withered berries, plump berries, new still-green berries and flowers! All on one stalk!

  8. What I would give to have views like yours! Still although not as Grand, we have breathtaking views over here too, sometimes. ;)
    Good luck with your new job.
    Groetjes Sandra

  9. Love your seven days - those views! I've just joined the seven days theme after a blogging break. My seven days were unusually varied, so don't expect such interest every time!

    Hope you're still standing after the gales.

    'Underground, overground, Wombling free...'

  10. Oh those long views of the scattered houses against the land and sea! Awesome. The piggyback plant is native here, and I grow it in my woodland garden areas. Makes a nice houseplant too I think-- but I kill houseplants so I am kind and leave them outside.

  11. Poor confused laburnum. That view is stonking - have been wondering how you were doing with the new job - and with the gales...

  12. Janet I've been run off me little feet - never a bad thing, but alot to take in and while not a direct 'plant' job - I am enjoying the other part of my life and embracing my inner womble. Poor Laburnum indeed. Daft plant. The view stonking right enough - which is why the wind hits so hard - right now I'd swap that view for a forest. But, in a wee while I'll argue the opposite!

  13. Linnew - I thought it was native with the the Tolmeia - I love it - not great with house plants but that brute really does look after itself and I'm sure if it could it would send an email to tell you it needed a drink. It does well outside here - (well NOT in my own garden but it other less warzone type gardens)

    Yeah - thats 'our' home landscape - scattered homes - we all really live fields apart. Its quite attractive and means you're not on your neighbours toes. Little requirement for curtains - except for the light in the summer.......

  14. Linda really enjoyed your post! And, yup still standing - barely but there you are - keeps the robbers away I guess.

    'Wombles of wimbledom common are we......'

  15. Cutting wood cottage - your views are amazing too!

    I guess its all relative - often we don't see what others do eh?

    Thank you for the good wishes re the job - I'm really enjoying it - although this weekend I spent my day digging a ditch to try and get rid of the lake that arrived after the really bad rain and gales and disentangling shredded tarpaulins from the sites fence.

    Windy wombling - very diverse!

    Thank you again.

  16. Jan you're very welcome I was really touched to see you put it up!

    I think this year plants have gone a bit crackers.

    Not the christmas type.