Thursday, 15 December 2011

Barefoot and soggy - 7 days gadding aboot in waterproofs....

How are you all today - I'm a bit wet and a bit soggy. But, I think I prefer soggy to snowy - but I can't be sure. I'm not really a fan of either - but being soggy rather than like last year trying to get back and forth to work in the snow - now thats not a great choice - but soggy doesn't scare me senseless when I drive. But windy/wet weather means even when doing my other 'indoor job' at our local college - wellies are needed - and salopets the greatest invention for wet windy places - cosy and waterproof! I can assure you though, I take them off before I start 'indoor' work.
I've been away on the plane again - I know, its all jet set and high living here - I had to go to a meeting doon sooth in the big toon of Inverness - and that meant flying - the local airport isn't huge, a bit peedie - but the trees up - not much chance of losing your baggage either......not a very big place!
When in Inverness I managed to meet up with a few other 'recycling' groups in northern Scotland - which was great - I also met this rather fine 'sock' recycled toy - OK he/she looks as if they've been murdered - all that's missing is the chalk excellent use of old socks though eh? And at home - the cellist's been busy with an audition, and cooking to keep her not thinking about it - she's really getting on well with her 'learn to cook' regime - this week there has been - sweet and sour........
Experimenting with gem cookies - they're not 'right' yet I've been told - but I think they already look great......
Not to be left out - the man child has been performing his normal miracles in the kitchen - on soggy days 'frog in the bog' (Toad in the Hole) - is a lovely warming tea - he's getting very good at this cooking malarkey and began learning to drive next week - regular updates on Radio Orkney for where to avoid in Kirkwall (!!!!), I joke I'm sure he's a fine enough driver, but I'd keep clear the now!  But, his cooking's great, so if you want any of his (!) recipes let me know.........although his last comment left me laughing - 'I think I prefer a dash of red wine when making my own gravy, Mum'. We've come on a bit from chicken nuggets and ketchup demanded with it, it would appear........that made me giggle.
The dog (in between snoozing under covers) has received his first xmas card, from some chums who have been on holiday here earlier in the year. Dogs get xmas cards, who would have known that - well he would if had got up, wouldn't he??
Aside gadding about flying, a lot of hard (!) working, eating my children's cooking, - you'd wonder what I've been up to - well clearly not cooking you think.........ah well, you'd be mislead there - I experimented with cooking local lamb steaks with local home made elderberry jelly and a red wine reduction, that was quite nice - we'll be doing that again!
Making winter soups...... 
and trying out all kinds of cabbage recipes! And what did I find when I opened Country Living (Jan edition.....) - a whole section of recipes for the deligthful cabbage (pg 108-114) how topical given my cabbage situation! In between eating cabbage and lovely porridge and other delightful home made Orkney food - I do pause for breath - I've been doing a cheeky little book review........(and a giveaway)
Gadding about charity shops, sniffing out bargains - this weeks haul included a beautiful picnic basket......for £6 - I'm really chuffed with that!
And, during all of that womble land's keeping me busy - I've been working hard (!) at the local college by being a lovely quiet, calming influence on folk (I know hard to believe isn't it - me being quiet). I've also been trying to get our local Orkney slow food group off the ground a drum up a bit of can find that group on facebook....... 
And, I'm beginning to tackle the mountain of xmas cards from last year - I'm cutting them up to make Christmas cards and labels/tags for pressies. I hadn't realised we had so many - oh well out the the scissors again. I have label cutter thumb.....!
I wonder what's been keeping you busy?

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  1. Wow, I feel quite exhausted reading all that. I've been arranging a few things for my blog which I'll be posting about in the New Year. Writing out my Christmas cards and a little bit of present wrapping and a quick trip into Bath for some last minute bits and pieces. Quite a bit of cooking and trying to get out for walks when the weather allows. It has been so wet here in Wales, the rivers look ready to burst and with more rain on the way later on today I think there'll be some flooding.

  2. The poor little murder victim is really funny :) and that basket is absolutely to die for - no wonder you bought it! Makes me think of next summer already! All that lovely food, all that good feeling from the Christmas tree and the recycling Christmas cards and the jewel biscuits :) great stuff!

  3. There is an award for you on my own blog. You are under no obligation to accept it, I just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. The only conditions if you do accept are to link back to my blog, copy and paste the award onto your blog and then nominate 5 of your own favourite blogs and give them the award too. Best wishes.

  4. Are you all getting ready to enter masterchef or bringing out your own cookery book? It all looks yummy.
    I was going to give you anaward too ( bet it.s the same one) but Wellywoman has beaten me to it....

  5. Janet they feed me well - therefore I drive them around to clubS!

    Hope you're good.

  6. Welly woman thank you - I'm never Sure what to Say about them - I've popped over to your patch!

    Janet thank you for think of me too!!!!

    Jan thank you - perfect bargain that thing eh? The comedy dead toy made me laugh!

  7. Welliewoman you've been very full on too! I look forward to the new blog ideaS and wet - yuk! Not only here then...........

  8. Dear heavens Fay, the winter brings out the words in you and no mistake! I'm hard put to it to catch up. You could follow Alys on Twitter - a constant stream of useful ideas. I think of all the food on offer, I like the look of the lamb best.

  9. I demand a recipe page on this blog...... I will stamp my feet and scream akin to Violet from Just William until one appears........
    Phew busy week and loving the murder victim picture too.

  10. the sock toy is brilliant and all this delicious food is making me hungry. i've never been to the Inverness airport ... interesting to have a quick peek in via your photo.

  11. Happy Christmas! Hope 2012 is just beautiful.