Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Its a hard life for a Peedie dog

The wind and the weather are back to being utterly vile again, deep joy. However, they don't appear to be bothering Peedie the cairn too much today, I tried to find him for a walk............ I have no idea how he got that cover (my nice one) over him!


  1. Ah bless..... I found Moo had managed to get into my bedroom the other day and sneaked onto the bed. I walked right past him before I noticed him because he had pootled under the covers. Ingenious these dogs arent they?
    Love that cover too.

  2. Great photo!
    One of our cats likes to pull the covers over him, too!
    Mississippi, USA

  3. Freya would be in the dog house for that.

    We rarely catch her on the bed but she can be heard sometimes quietly getting down as we come up the stairs... and there are other clues...

  4. cute (and clever).

    Sue xx

  5. Just the place to be today!
    ps - did you email me?

  6. We have not quite utterly vile - but we do have snow on the Western Cape mountains.

  7. Best place to be when the weather is foul!

  8. Karen absolutely!

    E Eye - we've a dusting on the hills but its more wet than snowy here - oh yup and windy (AGAIN!) Keep warm!

    Barefoot - I wish I'd been under a cover too - and yup I did try and email you via blog - is there an easier way to get you?

    sue - he's very clever and sometimes cute!

    Janet - Peedies clearly more brazen than Freya....

    Lea - how lovely you own a clever cat!

    Cheri - given the size of your Moo - I'd not like to share a bed with him! Clever him too!

    (and I see we've a few more followers - a hearty hello to you too, welcome aboard!)

  9. Ooh, what a cheeky little dog, buttling himself under the covers like that! How lovely, he looks so cosy, I'm quite jealous!