Thursday, 29 March 2012

Headline Shouts: Sunshine (did, momentarily) confuse local lass.

Its been sunny and still here, you did actually hear me right, SUNNY and STILL and WARM. Which is unusual in itself and almost 20 degrees. I nearly died of shock. Sunshine changes everything doesn't it and the sandals and the summer clothes come out. Washing can go outside, doors can be 'more' open but with 14 maurading chooks, it can't be 'very open'.....they all invade the house. As promised pictures of the new chooks (can you see the four white ones in all that sunshine?) - happily nicknamed, cheese and onion, smokey bacon, salt and vinegar and prawn cocktail as they arrived in a couple of crisp boxes. Thankfully they haven't tried to escape. The tunnel will soon be covered, and netted and laced and tied down and we'll probably STILL have to take the cover off in the winter but hey ho - the joy of gardening on the face of the eiger!
Fear not, two days have passed and its back to frozen temperatures - OK I exaggerate - it might be 8 or 9 degrees, sideways rain and mist and its cold. Look I'm a giant in sandals! The new addition (Haggis) is not very sure of chickens, firstly they are giants, secondly they try and barge passed him and come in the house. Looking to the older dog for clarification of hens what barge in the house, Peedie turned his back and walked away. Leaving poor Haggis to deal with a chicken invasion. Now, whilst thats telling him, don't chase the hens, I feel Peedie left him a little unsupervised on his first 'chicken on the door encouter' - we'll be having words later about his 'mentoring role' and how we both see that progressing, or the bonios, will be a lacking in Peedies life.
Now that the temperature returns to normal frozen-ness (is this a word? probably not but I'm not too fussed with regard to dictonary definitions), anyway the drop in temperature gets us sensible types back in our 'simits' and thermals. Three quarter length trousers go away back in the cupboard. Wonder if we'll wear them again this year - Dancing Beastie made a great blog about out attitude to the weather - she's got it spot on, Calvinism indeed! Us Scots, almost always looking for the gloom in the sunshine! Pop over and see Beastie - she's writing about seasonally living in a Scottish Castle - how cool is that?
Sandals are not back in the cupboard, socks have been found and adorned on feet - whoever said socks and sandals are not COOL is wrong, they are very cool indeed - especially when one has owls on and one has bees on. I'm sorry but if bow ties are cool, so are sandals with socks. (And, fashion guru that I am, I did go out in them like this!) We can all now see why my partner lives 300 miles away, can't we.
I am no longer confused it really is only March there is no need to panic and plant everything - its still freezing out there. A nice surprise in the polytunnel at work a few of the cut flowers are out - including one of my favourites, Anemone's - just beautiful whilst they are really just posh buttercups - I do love them so! I've forgiven the weather.
Anenome - the plant kind...

Bonnie eh. I do like an Anenome - not to be confused with sea anenomes which don't like being in a vase but are very pretty too. But, being animals, they have mouths and tentacles and oral discs which quite frankly I'd rather not know about, thank you very much.

Anenome the animal kind, don't put this one in a vase.


  1. Sandals and socks rule - I do that with Crocs in winter :)

  2. Love the bee socks! :-)

  3. I thought it was lovely of you to reply individually to everyone on the other thread, thank you! I have never been to Scotland but have been looking to Visit Mull in May perhaps. Such a long way from where I live in Kent....interestingly it would cost less to fly to Glasgow than go by train, how silly is that? Have multi coloured stripe top on today. Your new dog is so cute by the way!

    love Hilly Bean.

  4. had a good laugh over your story with your poor little Haggis fending for himself with the chickens. you write so well and i get hilarious pictures in my head when you tell stories. glad you have had some lovely warmth from the sunshine.

  5. Love the Chookie names!

    Hope Haggis gets to grip with them very soon :)