Saturday, 26 May 2012

The art of stopping and going.

Did you know in Orkney, as far as I'm aware, there are no permanent traffic lights. If any Orcadian residents are reading this and know of any please let me know! So, as far as I'm aware they're a very novel sight here if you ever see any. In respect of this, I tend to (if its safe to do so) take a photo of them. Thus is their novel-ness as we don't often get told to 'stop' and wait much. I also like the fact that there is a traffic light and a standing stone - two very unrelated items parked next to each other. Very Orcadian mixing the new with the neolithic. Anyway - back to the the art of stopping.

In real life I'm not much good at 'stopping' - its not an artform I've mastered very well. I have two speeds - mostly I'm permanently switched to 'go', go go go go. When I stop it tends to be for sleeping. I'm not much of a 'chill' kind of person, I prefer to be busy even when relaxing. I think actually I'm allergic to chilling.

In other news, I now see that the weather has changed, the flowers have woken up and it would appear winter has 'stopped' and summer is here. Cuckoo flowers are only just up and peeking through whilst today I saw Orchids practically growing in front of me on the track. It appears they only have two speeds as well - asleep and awake. Orkney's like that, no real spring, no real autumn just full on winter then BOOM summer, long days, flowers and birds in abundance and then BOOM gales and winter.

It's not mastered the art of stopping and going either.

I wonder if you have? And, what's your secret?

Do you grade or glide between activities gear by gear.

Or are you a 'stop/go' kinda person like me?

Be interested to hear that.

For now I've stopped work, keen to get home and get on with the chores (grass is now permanently stuck on 'grow') and chase children/hoonds and chickens around to make sure they're not slacking!

Have a great weekend, whatever you do! The suns out - I wonder if I can get the family down for a run on the beach! Or get my wellies a wander along the cliffs? Almost time for the Primula scotica to wake up I may have to go and see how its getting along. Much better than just 'stopping'!

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  1. The wildflowers popping up everywhere was without question one of the best things about our recent "island adventure" - love love LOVED them - especially the orchids - beautiful. even learned the names of a couple - Lousewort, and Tormentil. Hurrah!