Sunday, 3 June 2012

Seven Days on the isle of crazy lightness.

One thing to remember about any of the Northern Isles is that in summer, it *almost* doesn't get dark and the weather (as if by magic) often miraculously improves. A kind of crazy - 'lets get it all done before season changes' comes into play. Like autumn, spring barely pokes its nose past the isles before its full on summer, then autumn skips passed and its winter again. Crazy seasons. The most exciting part? The cows are back in the field by the house for 4 months or so we'll enjoy their company. And speaking of company - close up company from chooks helping me to weed.
  So this weeks its been crazy gardening, with the help of chickens, (*I did give up gardening, but only in my own hostile garden), long hours at work and general euphoria of 'OMG, I can actually walk outside, lets have 10 walks a day'. So life's been a bit busy but a few ferry hops inbetween.
The cows are also back at the homestead - which are always a welcome sight.
 I think this one looks like Ermintrude in the Magic Roundabout. Whilst these ones, all 15 of them charged towards me as I stopped the car on the way home to take a call. Very inquistive they were too. I think they were looking at food, they clearly weren't impressed at the 11'o clock sunset were they? All turned the wrong way.
And, during one of our many daily walks, (just cos we can get out) we're seeing the beach burst into floral life - Iris of sunny yellow (Iris Pseudacorus) standing guard at the top of the shore and sea pinks (Armeria maritima) adorning the shore like jewels, bobbing in the wind tucked into rock crevices and anywhere they can catch hold.
The beach, obviously crowed in this spell of hot weather - OK, so we saw ONE person. That's crowed for our beach. Nothing to hear except the sound of the seals, a bit of friendly chatter with a chum and the hoonds bouncing about. A cloud joins us for a bit of contrast. Nicely welcome, for once unfamiliar.
Next week, another busy one - I'll be working again (mainly paperwork) and doing my 'garden fairy' bit, helping in a few folks gardens. I like working in other peoples gardens. I enjoy the contrast to my own desolated garden landscape, which I've finally done the first cut of the grass in as the docks where larger than the grass and in need of cutting. Not much else growing in my garden.
 At least the orchids popping up along the track (as if by magic, 24 counted so far) then I can probably just enjoy them without the hard work and I have several reasons to be cheerful! And it keeps my plant loving hand in, despite my own gardens best intentions to keep me at bay due to lack of actual plants growing there.

Hopefully, when I'm off rampaging in other folks gardens, I'm not a bad garden fairy more like a good one, like Mavis from Will o' the wisp. I do like helping out.
Not sure of the outfit though. Sea pink isnt' really my colour. However, if the tuttu were the colour of the orchids......who'd know maybe I'd enjoy it?? Although I might lose a few clients?

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