Friday, 16 November 2012

Being tagged!

The forbidden zone of the abandoned Varosha in Northern Cyprus, where I first paddled in the warm sea, prior to 1974.
Well, essexhebridean tagged me earlier in the week for a laugh (mainly at my secrets) I thought I'd join in. Not known for my sense of humour, I thought I'd shock you all and join in.

First you have to divulge 11 things about yourself.
Then you answer some questions.
Then you fling some out to the universe to get others to join in.
You're not supposed to tag anyone who's been tagged, but I'm not sure I know enough bloggers to take part - so if you do fancy it, consider yourself tagged.......

Here goes.
1. I ate so many biscuits in my first term of university, put on so much weight I went up a shoe size (in real life) we no longer keep biscuits in the house. Ever.
2. When I was young I wanted to be an accountant or a lawyer, so I tootled off to uni (and ate biscuits), don't hate me. And I still love a good balance sheet.
3. In this house we have a communal sock basket. I don't ever wear one matching pair of socks. Life's too short to match up socks.
4. I learnt to cook in pubs, theatre restaurants, hotels and once ran my own (small) kitchen, had a B&B and at one time a wee cafe......none for very long as I've a short attention span! The shifts are a killer, but people always want to eat.
5. I followed my families footstepts into gardening due to a lack of fresh veggies in the local island shop. No one should eat bendy carrots or slimey lettuce. And, so my love of growing vegetables was born.
Cyprus 2012, so many beautiful flowers.
6. I started school in Cyprus and our family were one of the last families evacuated from famagusta in 1974 during the civil war, to a British Army base, which was so full, we lived in a tennis court shed for two weeks before returning to the UK. After a long time, we returned there this summer. Beaches/flowers what's not to love about that island.
7. I spent 2 weeks on a tropical botany field trip for my MSc in Belize, alot of it in a tent in the jungle. It wasn't glamourous, studying with scorpions flinging themselves at you is not fun. I still itch and shudder at the thought of plain rice and beans....and continue to have no interest in tropical botany. Or bugs.

Plant collecting in Belize, Central America. Me with Lisa and Mark, pressing specimens in the field, not nearly as glamourous as it sounds.
8. My old car went on fire 3weeks ago whilst at the garage, all I have left is a tax disc. (no one was hurt, we still await the assessors outcome) my poor car.
9. I hate cake, chocolate And dried fruit. It's all evil the whole lot of it.

Highland Cows are very lovely to not really. But they look bonnie
10. I use to farm sheep (650 blackies) and cattle (50 luing) on a remote island hill farm on the west of Scotland. Well I lived there and helped the father of my kids....once we owned a family of highland cows.....
11. I was diagnosed with dyslexia half way through my phd in my 40's hadn't a clue before. Tutor described me as a 'leaky dyke', which made me giggle.
11a. This week I fell into a refuse skip. Well I dangled. Best not ask. I'm all about the glamour.

Now for Robyn's questions:
Where in the world would I like to be? - ? Too hard to choose.....inside the border of the forbidden zone of Varosha in Famagusta, just to look around the abandoned city. This is a close as we got, call me old fashioned but I don't go passed men with guns on the beach.........(yes really)

The fence through the beach towards the forbidden zone of Varosha in Famagusta. Its a ghost town since being invaded in 1974.
Dogs or cats? Both, we are currently without a cat master but home to two dogs.
Haggis the Cairn Terrier, has personal space issues.
Best cheese? All of them. But haloumi makes me laugh when you eat it. It squeaks so much we call it mouse cheese.
Street food or restaurant? Both. I love to eat.
Childhood friend? Jacqui from Nottingham, oldest person I know. She's not old you understand, just the longest I've known anyone when I lived in Nottingham, well near Toton village to be precise.
Perfect Sunday? Pottering at home or in garden, then a walk and a lovely supper with the guys.
How many homes have you had? 32 or so probably more if you count university accomodation? Seriously. That's quite silly. My dad was in the army.....but my wanderlust continues as an adult. I get bored easily.
Size of feet? 3 or a 4 depending on the biscuits.....
Favourite childhood book - the family at number one end street.
What do I want to find in a biscuit tin? No biscuits....! Probably seeds.

Next questions for pondering... Answer if you dare and link back to me.

Fruit or vegetables?
Coffee or tea?
Wellies or heels?
Favourite movie?
Best place to eat ever?
Home or away for holidays?
Favourite adventure and why?
Independence or the union (Scotland?)
If you were a flower what would you be?
Radio or TV?
Have you ever been arrested?

Me? Vegetables, Coffee, Wellies, Pass it On, The Peat Inn, Both, Cyprus,Undecided,Daisy,Radio, Nearly, well only for a little while....and they didn't press charges.

And some of the other participants that I do know......find out some random things about them!

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  1. Definitely without any question Radio...says she sitting in front of the TV. *sigh* My standards are questionable sometimes. Other than that, Fruit, Tea, wellies if the heels are high ones, Truly Madly Deeply, Smiths of Smithfield, usually away, anything involving an Island, Union probably, Snakes Head Fritillary maybe, and no!


    1. vegetables. you can do more with them .Coffee tea is for wimps .Wellies i don't look good in high heals. Favourite movie is frank herbert dune.Best place to eat ever fay's house god she is a good cook :). Home or away for holidays home i have never had a holiday holiday abroad. Favourite adventure hill walking up lochnagar i nearly died in a blizzard it was good becaouse you don't know how good life is until your nearly dead. Independence not that it will change much we will still be governed by lying *%$£. If i were a flower i would be Myosotis scorpoides. TV no contest. Have i ever been arrested uuuuummmmm yes not saying how many times or what for :)

  2. This is great! Still mourning your car, of course ... and sounds like you're still mourning Cyprus. Beautiful country tho, absolutely! I remember travelling in Greece in the late 1970s, and there were photos and posters wherever I went, Remember Cyprus, the forgotten country ...

  3. wow, I am in awe, the family at one end street, soo loved that book, I'm sure i have a copy on the shelves here

  4. Your poor car! Biscuits are evil. I love making them, but then I eat them. I now stick to making oatcakes, as they are delicious and almost virtuous.

    Veg, tea, wellies, "The Princess Bride", a restaurant on the Garden Route in South Africa that I can't remember the name of, both, the trip to southern Africa, because it was full of interesting people, great company, stunning scenary, and the best thunderstorm I have ever seen, union (we'd miss you), dandelion, both, no, but I did get rescued by a lifeboat once when I didn't need rescuing and nobody believed us when we said we didn't set off the flare that launched the lifeboat...

  5. Wow, it sounds like you have had an interesting life!

    I visited a viewpoint overlooking Famagusta when in Cyprus on fieldwork. I think it is one of the strangest experiences I have ever had. Desolate and solemn on an island that is all about holidays and good times. Cyprus rocks, though. Interesting geology.

  6. And here was I thinking the Family from One End Street had been totally forgotten....Wonderful book, but so utterly not PC, I doubt any library would dare stock it now.