Thursday, 15 November 2012

Remembering - part II

Remembering that.....even if folks are miles away - they still feel like they're in your sitting room, close and cosy.
That a good hearty natter with your child on the beach or online, is priceless, all the better if you nearly collapse laughing.
That missing those special folks who should be around but aren't due to stupid illnesses taking them away, or from broken hearts, or old age, or misguided lives or merely just distance, are still loved, if missing for the immedatiate moment.
That each day should be embraced with vigour and laughter, full of adventures.
That negativity in life, is a drain and should leave the building as quickly as possible (like hiccups).
That the simple things in life can make your heart sing, like friends.
That it's OK to be yourself, be it outrageous, be it modest, be it courageous, be it plain lazy or just be it diffident, just be yourself, its perfect acceptable.
That flowers are the master race, even when they're late.
For Aunty Claire. x


  1. beautiful and profound little friend. its been a rough few years, but you just always make it all right and good. life is too short!

    1. Thanks gorgeous. A rough few years indeed, but we still take life by the short and curlies and charge at it. Just like they'd want us to.

  2. That living room looks so cosy I could dive right in there and be happy! Your words are inspiring too, and you are right that we should embrace today and love it, live it and rejoice in it.
    Great post.

    1. Its cosy if a bit madly coloured and puppy infested. Thank you the words were from the heart. My dearest adopted mum's birthday should have been this week. Thanks for popping by.

    2. What a wonderfully welcoming room. So sorry for all your losses Fay, thank goodness for flowers that can remind your heart to sing when mostly it just wants to weep. xxx

  3. What a beautiful post, your love and compassion for your auntie claire shine through. She is lucky with the people who love her.