Sunday, 4 November 2012

Catch the rain - Hinderayre Bay, Orkney

I just love the light at this time of year, the late afternoon sunlight caught the raindrops pattering down like streaks of silver threads. I swear you could almost catch it.
Another 3 miles of Orkney coast walked from the Bay of Hinderayre northwards - as I want to walk the whole of the accessible Orkney coastline before I leave, I've a fair bit to go, best get a wriggle on hadn't I.
Dear technical support.
Whilst I'm marking my paper map with all the coast in Orkney I've walked it would be really good to do that on an interactive map. Any ideas you map guru types? I'm happy I can read a map, and don't have a smart phone, its only of average intelligence, so I'll input my routes manually........ 
Answers or suggestions on a post card please - or just leave a wee comment. I'd be really chuffed if I could get a map up and fathom out how many miles I've left to walk!
Many thanks in advance.

The start of my rather wobbly map should be here
Thank you Mr K.


  1. Hiya Fay, You could do worse than start by playing with Google maps. If you pull up a map of Orkney and click on 'My Places', then 'Create Map' you can customise and save your own version. By customising, I mean you can draw lines on the bits you have walked (and calculate distances) put down markers and so on. Endless fun (and quite useful)

    1. Well I did wonder. I will give that a go. My three OS maps sellotaped together is a bit cumbersome!

      Cheers for that.

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    1. Again lovely you've popped by but we're not infested at the moment, thanks kindly.