Thursday, 7 March 2013

Four hours.

Hello world, I'm sorry I've been absent. Life, home, work, excitement. Or largely, If I'm honest I've been hibernating, tis Scotland after all and its been cold, wet and dark. But the days are getting longer.

So as we wake up, the cellist and I have been negotiating. Mainly about spending time together, we're both busy and often our busy lives just gets in the way of a bit of family time. The subject of Mothers Day, a spring type UK marker for the days getting longer and the clocks changing to British Summer Time, hailing longer days, are almost upon us. In household the negotations regarding Mother's Day often are protracted and require skilled hand to actually barter for the desired gift. So a number of weeks ago she asked me what I wanted......

'I've been thinking about what I want.' - my opening gambit, playing my cards close to my chest I am.
The cellist looked slightly concerned. 'Longer legs?' She gwauffed, her of the long legs, clearly not of my genepool.

'I can get them at this time of year when I'm out working in the garden, and look at my shadow, so no. Thanks all the same.' The Cellist hits hard, so I keep my silence.
'OK, flowers? Vegetable seeds? Compost? More wellies' came from a set of very pensive lips with a furrowed brow. The cellist knows me well and shares my 'thinking, almost scowling brow', thankfully she didn't inherit my hobbit like legs (even if they do look great in the winter sunshine).

'No, I'd like four hours, please, for Mother's Day.'

The penny appeared to drop and I'd expected a reaction quite like this solitary holly, beautiful, thoughtful, proud but prickly about giving away a whole morning or afternoon to her 'Mither'. The cellist is a vibrant, busy soul, incredibly independant and often solitary. And, if I'm honest, we can both be a bit prickly.
Alistair will know the name of this beauty but I fell across it in a garden and I don't know it off hand. Bonnie eh?
'Just four?' She stopped dead, clearly pondering, she angled herself in an oddly contorted position languishing over the sofa in the way that only teenagers can. They can get themselves into any corner can't they, like snowdrops peeking out from rock crevices, you've no idea QUITE how they do it, nor care to try to angle yourself thus.
'Yes, just four hours.
Not a whole day.
Not a snatch of time.
Not a watched clock.
Not a rush, not three hours either.
I want time to breathe, so four would be perfect.

The negotiation was pondered, for a while longer, the options considered, and she smiled. The kind that melts hearts. Well mine anyway.
We shook hands, like ladies do. The deal had clearly been struck and today we were ladies.
'Funny mother's day present, stalker-parent-sometimes-witchlike-lady.'

Fear not, I have a thick skin.

I know this is teenager talk for 'you care too much, but that's ok'.

In my minds eye, when other people say 'Witch', I say 'Witch Hazel, yup love em.'
Witch Hazel - found a lovely specimen at a local town garden in Kirkwall.
Funny old thing time, isn't it. Here in the UK, Mother's Day is almost upon us (Sunday 10th), now some may say, what a load of commercial rubbish, I ignore it. Well I guess like many things in life, its what you make of it, or take from it. Personally, I'm not given much for commercialism. Although, any excuse for a new plant or a nice bunch of flowers, I've been known to cave in. However, that's not really important in the bigger scale of things, is it? If there's an opportunity to grab a bit more time with her, I'd take that anyday. And, if commercial land say's its time to spend time with each ohter, its a good excuse for me to request it in my own life, all the better if its a societal nicety, less stalkerish as well when requesting time from a busy teenager.
And, International Womens Day is also happenning this weekend (Thanks Lula!). I know what I'd give to more than a few very important women in my life, to have a chance at a cup of tea, an hour to wander around a garden, or just sit and chat. Just one more cup of tea, that be nice wouldn't it. Instead we think of the times we had and how short they were.
Iris siberica 'George' - with Grannies cup, saying hello this spring.
Just for a while. Like many folks I know, I'm one of those folks who's a whirlwind from the minute I wake up, til I sleep. I'm engulfed with work, stalking children, parenting, gardening and keeping my own and my families head above water. I don't often have time to take time out and enjoy those folk I love. So, given the opportunity of a bit of indulgence on Sunday, even if a 'commercial' occasion like Mother's Day presents the perfect excuse to be spoiled. I don't want much, I'd just like four hours.
If that's OK.
There's so many women I'd also like to have four hours with too. Sometimes I prioritise time, sometimes I don't, so I've no idea how soon that might happen. I probably should either tell them or make that a priority too.

Maybe you'd just like four hours just for yourself?
What's your perfect 'make time for' treat?
I mean if I can talk the cellist around, during exams and general teenagerish chaos. I'm sure you can make something awesome with the folks and especially the special women you love happen for four hours too?


  1. What a lovely post, and a lovely Cellist to understand that 4 hours was just the best present she could give you for Mother's day too. Nice one Cellist - well done that lady! xx

  2. 4 hours seems like a great present. time to breathe, talk, collect your thoughts, enjoy each other's company ... sounds perfect. i hope you have a lovely Sunday. i enjoy the pictures of your flowers.

  3. What a perfect idea Fay. Hope it is an excellent 4 hours. I used to give my a card promising either a day with all meals cooked for her or a week of housework done. She really liked being able to pick when to cash the promise in.

  4. What a lovely post! What will you be doing with your four cheerful hours?

  5. Beautiful stuff

    four hours, for ours, for hours


    ps - if you weren't already a friend, I'd ask you to adopt me :D

  6. WHY do you have Iris Siberica flowering now? It's not right. It's just not right. And is their phallic hat part of your secret?