Wednesday, 18 September 2013

32 days and counting

How on earth are you all? Quiet here - lots going on - as always and we're just under a month until we get married Mr Flowers and myself.
People keep asking how the planning is going. Well, I've started to dig up my tatties.
Got a fair few folks to feed after all.
Now I know this lot up there isn't going to feed a goodly amount of folks, but unless I taste the tatties how will I know if they're OK?
I mean who's ever heard of a decent wedding without tatties?
Priorities and all that. The bits I can't control are fine, but lets at least make sure folks nosh on a decent spud.
And, yes of course the frock and the wellies are also sorted. Mr F has just got his support band sorted - he needs someone else to play whilst he's doing the first dance after all. Can't be on stage the WHOLE time.
Mr F and myself are of, shall we say, experienced  years. So we've several toasters and a fair few sofa's between us, so when considering wedding gifts (in exchange for a feast full of a decent tattie or two, of course) he was persuaded into indulging me in a bit of a wedding woodland. Instead of 'traditional gifts' we're hoping for trees - the more the merrier.
It will be edible and full of wildlife. I'm really excited.
Our tame tree nursery wholesaler are currently sorting a button out for family folks to contribute to it - they don't need to get muddy or anything - that's my job .
Gotta love modern technology at the click of a button folks can send a quid or two our future woodland, any extra trees we will set free in a community woodland or two. Seems only fair.
After the nuptuals of course we'll have a tree planting party. Seems only fair.
Expect some boring 'green' wedding blogs soon. Paperless, hopefully waste free, frugal.
A month or so if plenty time for the rest of the planning, surely.
*off to fold beautiful napkins for a fair few folks - thanks to lovely chum for making them for us.
I love rainbows. I really can't thank her enough - I asked for a rainbow and that's what I got - matches our wedding rings nicely.
Handmade - and only disposable (after washing) to any of our friends who want to take some home with them. Or for us to use time and time again in a rainbow of colours. 
I can never thank her enough for her kindness.
When you say 'I really don't want a disposable wedding' to some folks, they just get it.
A bit like knowing you've got the tatties sorted before the big day. One less thing to worry about.
The species - King Edwards of course - what else. The perfect all rounder. The only tattie I'll be having at my wedding, let me tell you.


  1. It sounds wonderful and I love the idea of a 'wedding woodland', and yes what is a wedding without tatties, and King Edwards is the perfect one to invite along to the feast :-)

    1. Love King Edwards - they are my fave. Wedding woodland getting lots of thumbs ups so I'm glad we got that right. I'm hoping lots of it will be edible - so really they're feeding us too.

  2. Sounds very 'you' which is what a wedding should reflect :0

    I love the idea of the wedding woodland, it reminds be of the birthday garden in Barbara kingsolvers Animal vegetable miracle.

    Have a fantastic day and enjoy using those napkins for years to come

    1. It will be an insane wedding, so very us I think too. Ah the Birthday Garden - maybe that's where my sub-conscious got the idea from.

      Thank you for the good wishes - hope you and yours are also well.

  3. Replies
    1. My new wellyboots feel the same.

  4. A wedding woodland sounds like a fantastic present to me!

    1. Aw thanks there sustainablemum - we think so too. First funds have flooded into it too.