Saturday, 28 September 2013

The lovely teapot

A long time ago, on an island in the Hebrides a teapot was born and it was lovely. It was made by a clumsy handed cook/gardener who didn't really know how to make a teapot, but she did. It's been with her family through thick and thin ever since. Its often provided a chuckle, sometimes some money (it is a very lucky teapot) and sometimes even tea. Although when its full of tea a whole army are needed to lift it, and its has never run dry. Its older now, but still incredibly beautiful its very large innards are currently protecting the newly arriving 'woodland wedding funds'. Given its age, beauty and loveliness, it seemed the perfect place (until the lovely tree man sorts out his online buttons)! And, the teapot lived happily ever after knowing it was still useful and keeping the family's precious pennies safe inside its tummy.


  1. Beautiful teapot-- I have this idea about who made it...
    So excited for your wedding, with proper tatties and rainbow napkins: all bodes well for ever-after is what I say. Wish I could be there, so dance one for me! Oh and I will be expecting some proper photographic documentation of this event here...

    1. Oh is your idea around the teapot and its creator being a fellow gardener. :)

      Oh I'll promise to dance for you - I did hope that the transatlantic time machine might be working by then - Mr K and you should really get Mr O on that one.

      And I promise to take a photo or too.

      (Not just of the wellyboots, I promise and not just of the gorgeous trees in their autumnal splendour)