Friday, 11 October 2013

Fodder, fun and muddy frolics

Is there anything better than harvesting you're own tatties? 20ft dug today. With All the carrots, last of the broad beans, onions, marrows and/or courgettes, depending on your outlook. One mans small marrow is another's courgette. And by any perspective a feast in the making.
Dug up the 'over' leeks too - figured they'd make a fine display in
a vase. I utterly love alliums whether they're called Leeks or otherwise!
Beautiful! Who says growing veggies is dull.
And covered in mud....the old favourites and I nodded a fond 'work' farewell to each other - Each knowing the new wellyboots might come here soon. Did you expect Red as the next choice - I didn't! But arent' they gorgeous and so unexpectedly bargainous thanks to Mara! Still in their box and the tissue for a wee while yet. x
And a surprise on my desk - a wee contribution - a card - and an unexpected lovely hug and good wishes from a burly farming teaching type.
Life is blessed, abundant in fodder and friendship and obviously wonderfully muddy inspired frolics today with abundant free fodder. Celebrating these things are very exciting and so unexpected its just lovely and so appreciated.
PS I've been given free range of the growing estates from the garden guru for the impending celebrations. Can't have more of a blessing than that can you?
Thank you Sir. Thank you all.

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  1. So glad you are receiving so much love, friendship and free food! Good luck with the final phase, hoep you have a frabjous day!