Wednesday, 23 October 2013

On wedding wellyboots and aprons

I've heard when feeding hungry the masses during your home grown/foraged/cooked wedding feast the main things are to find a friendly tame chef -a few aprons and a fine strong lass to help take off your wellyboots after she's grown most of the veg and sorted the flowers and obviously before the first dance. 

I have just epic chums and rather fine new wellingtons.

Ps hello blogging world -
This is me, tame chef 'auntie C' and 'half of our head gardener and chief florist team' - Jarmy.

More forest action to follow :-) thought aprons and
Wellyboots and
Chums needed first post.


  1. You had an epic wedding too! xx

  2. Indeed Robyn we did all the better for the lovely help we've had from everyone including yourselves!