Friday, 1 November 2013

1st November - winter begins, some cheerful snaps.

Cosy fires stave off the first winter squalls.
Cheerful new mugs (thanks Karen) brighten up the day.
Bed heads say good morning!
Memories time with of gorgeous friends and a 'gutter' or a 'rammy' or a 'rampage' or a 'stomp' of wellyboots. (What is the collective for wellyboots and only three pairs of them are mine!) ps I love the evening sandal lobbed into the midst of it all too. That's the sign of a good party.
First toe dipped in the sea.
More new mugs (thanks to the unknown gorgeous chaps that gave us card) & welly clad ducks......(thanks T)
Two shorn boys. No more greeting by clumsy bed heads. Easier to keep dry and clean in the squalls ahead. Even if they could do with a couple of stripey jumpers to keep them cosy.

A bit of my week gone by. When the weather starts to close in, its the simple, homely things which keep you going.


  1. love the green polka-dotted wellies!

  2. Must be a Galumph of Wellies?! Lovely pics, but feel sorry for the dogs, deprived of their natural winter coats just as winter arrives!! Mind you, if I had to wake up to that sight, I would probably have shaved the pair of them too!!!

  3. LOVE the wellies - 1 pair of them are MINE!!! Definitely a good party too. Lovely pups and fabby mugs too! xx