Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A fix of the free stuff

The lovely Stromness - if you get the ferry to Orkney from Thurso this is the first bit of Orkney you'll see. Bonnie eh?
Sometimes in life - 15 minutes walking in the sunshine beats any other type of fix. Money means nothing when you get a taste of the free stuff from nature. And clocking 2 miles before (second) brekkie feels kinda nice too. Rest assured its been hurling it down all week since I took this on Tues.

Always pays to take 5 when the weathers kind and drink it all in before you run of screaming from sideways rain and gales. I'm especially grateful that its free to walk and free to look at nature in all its splendour. Free is good, we like free.
Now remind me to yibber on about that wedding grub soon. Aunty C is putting recipes together and I promised to blog about feeding the masses on a budget to suit a mouses tiny moustache.


  1. You know it's a good day if there's second brekkie!

  2. That is a beautiful picture! xx

  3. Beautiful and so right to take the chance when you can!

  4. 2nd breakfasts should be compulsory!

    You can almost smell the freshness of that picture!

  5. That's so true. Its sunny just at the moment, and as soon as I have finished my current mug of tea I am going out with my camera to take the long way round to the butchers. Sieze the moment and all that, there will be plenty of wet and gloomy days to hunch in front of the computer and work!

  6. So true lol. I live in Caithness and if the weather is as glorious as it has been of late (with no wind either) then you just have to soak it all up because in 10 minutes time it could be pelting down with snow or rain lol.
    Lovely image of Stromness, I've only been over a few times but the Orkneys are lovely :)