Saturday, 16 November 2013

On walking hounds, in mixed weather


The boys and I walk a lot, often find ourselves on a beach, today was Scapa outside of Kirkwall, Orkney. Only seems fair to share this weeks adventures with you, mostly we walk, when we can everyday. We often walk a lot, in various shades of sunshine and squall, Orkney has its fair share of 'mixed' weather. I try and walk 5 miles a day, I don't often make it, some days I do more but generally we're out for a part of each day.  My handy gadget tells me I've walked 135 miles in 35 days, not quite 5 miles a day (only 3.89 miles) but some days its hard to make it to the end of the street the weathers so bad - so get out when we can is our motto! Walking is also free. We like free, it means we can spend our pennies on other fun things.
 Here's a few of last weeks walks in squall, sunshine, hail and rain. Despite the weather, the views are always ace.
Like along the cliffs of Yesnaby, last Sunday stomping in the sunshine was gorgeous! We walked until the sun set beautifully over the sea.
Or at the Muddisdale community woodland in Kirkwall - its a newly establishing one, but very lovely to stomp through it in the rain up and through the trees.
Or off out at warbeth, Stromness peering out towards the hills of Hoy. Dashing between showers!
Or stomping in Evie on white sands playing chase, I forgot my camera that day so I've put in an old one.
Or hanging out at the polytunnels at work, for just a wee while before we stomp off again, the dogs are not keen on the tunnels.
Having a couple of faithful companions is fabulous! So despite living apart from my beloved hubby, I'm never really alone when I walk. I've got my two guys with me, romping at my side, come squall, hail, sunshine, mud or sunsets!


  1. thank you for sharing the wonderful views that you have .. I walk my 2 boys twice a day .. 3 times if we can manage .. but it is mostly through the streets of of our town .. so I can now hold YOUR views in my head when we walk .. NOT when crossing the roads though xx lol x

  2. A good walk can solve most things, whatever the weather.

  3. You live in such a beautiful place :)

  4. How have I only just spotted this? Lovely seeing some familiar walks there too - and of course some familiar Hoonds! xx

  5. isn't it grand to live the life we love .. or .. love the life we life .. yours is lovely looking ..