Wednesday, 29 January 2014

On sulking

So its not been all doom and gloom in the McFlowers household, despite my silence and sulking. We adventured away to the lands of vin chaude and snow for a goodly lovely honeymoon with my lovely son in tow too. And, Xmas was enjoyed with trees and snow and rather a few good new hats too!  Much fun was indeed had and I managed no breakages this year you'll be glad to hear both legs are very much working.
The wedding wellingtons of course came away on honeymoon and were much loved on their first dip in the clear Moray sea on a lovely crisp first of the years day beach walk. But man was it cauld!
Even the logs got themselves frozen to the beach, so we decided not to hang around for too long!
One of the nicest things about heading back up north is that it is SUCH a long way you find yourselves calling in on family and friends en route to break the journey up and they take you out on adventures with trees and ducks to feed a plenty. I have to say in this particular Morayshire loch the trout stole all the ducks bread everytime. Naughty fish!
And so to home, on a lovely clear day we rescued the abandoned hounds (one with a chum, one in doggy Pentonville) and had a wander along seaweed strewn roads to reacquaint ourselves.
Its nice to have a few adventures and see extra special folks over the holidays, expereince new things. But, its also nice to get home to familiar views and much loved walks. I love seeing the sun set between the Hoy hills in the afternoons. Each day its a tiny bit lighter tough, that should stop my sulking.
And finally the last of the holidays sees the demise of the Xmas tree. We chop ours into fire wood. A friend told us they keep theirs up until easter decorating it until it looks so sad its best recycled. They put hearts on it in February for valentines, chicks for easter. Now doesn't that sound like a nice way to treat that lovely tree - next year we'll follow suit.
So as the days get lighter we get out walking a bit more. OK, its a bit soggy still but no snow really has lain this year.
The harbours are full in the main town and still days follow stormy ones, so each day's to be embraced for its own special weather. If its dry enough to walk we do, if its wet enough to walk we do and again if its windy. The very windy/very wet days we often sulk. Hoping for a better day the next one. But we've had more than a few 'bracing' walks with free sideways showers.
And some days all we do is lollop on the sofa and sit in front of the fire and just listen to the weather.
I have to say SOME of us are better at dealing with the bad weather and flopping than others!

So lovely to see you all now my sulking has diminished! I hope you're warm wherever you are and your adventures keep you company through the every changing days. For myself I need to focus less on sulking and more on enjoying the days I have left here in Orkney. For its not long now til the Kingdom beckons, won't that be an adventure and a half?

I have an interview next week in those very lands. 

Fingers crossed for me. You all know I love my job here, I'll be very sad to leave everyone. But, I need to find a new fun challenge to help adjusting from island to larger island!


  1. Fingers remaining crossed for interview success....and travel success come to that! xx

    1. Thank you me dear the interview whilst unsuccessful in a job was a good experience. :)

  2. If I'd known you were in Moray at the turn of the year we could have met up! We usually walk on the beach at Hopeman on New Year's Day, but not this year. I'm wondering if the loch is Milbuies?

    I'm in a January sulk too - mixture of winter gloom and gloom of work!

    1. And we were on roseisle beach on the first day of the year - a hairs bit from you. Next time, maybe. Sister and Brother in law live up that way. And the loch was Milbuies with the crazy bread stealling fish.

      I hope your sulk is lifting, as the snow drops appear, mines is abaiting.