Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Birsay - more walking

The sun did that thing again, it shone, so off we trotted out to the north west of the island to Birsay before we did some work. We took 'those' wellingtons too - they're new to the island and need a wee tour after all. The hounds pottered along too, just cos they could. This wee walk takes you across the see to a tiny island called the Brough of Birsay - its got a path which sort of appears (as if by magic) when the tide goes out. We like magic paths. Its also got an old settlement on it which is rather cool, and puffins (in summer) and a light house (all year round).
Peedie (the older more distinguished mutt) generally lurks, keeping guard at the rear, but in uncharacteristic form, today he was up front. Peeide carved the way forward looking for sea creatures and the occasional dropped piece (sandwich) - neither, sadly, were very abundant. Peedie is often a very sober chap, he trots along, quite like an old captain, at his own pace. 
Haggis unfortunately does a 'now you can't see me, NOW you can see me REALLY CLOSE' kind of a scamp. I have to say whilst he's been in our lives for two years now, I still find his speed and 'as if by magic appearances at speed in your face' rather disconcerting. Its like having a relationship with a furry road runner, although more 'neep that meep'. 
As I amble along at my own pace, we take a peek at rocks with seaweed impressions on them. I've only ever seen these at Birsay and they always make me wonder how they got there. Best not stay too long though as the tide has a habit of coming back in and it wouldn't be the first time we've had to wade back over being distracted by puffins, or seaweed prints or mushroom gathering or just haivers.

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