Monday, 17 February 2014

For today..........

I've been inspired by many and especially Robyn to join in with the Simple Woman's Day Book today. It helps to focus on what's happening in life, where you are, what's really important and mindful to think about. And to start us off here's a cheeky photo of one of the cool 'men' in my life. Haggis, a real bundle of life!
Anyway on with the daybook entry!

FOR TODAY........

Outside my window, the sun shone and it was WARM. Bulbs poking through the earth, snow drops popping their heads up and the start of the swelling of buds on trees, perennials popping up. I also saw a dandelion flowering away, I'm not thinking about that, as bonnie as they are it means the weeds are also waking up!

I am thinking about if I can take some time in April to travel to my (new) husbands house and begin to reorganise some of the rooms in order to help fit my bits and bobs in when I move down to join him in a few months. Eight years of living in two houses, in two lives, often apart, often together will take a bit of organising! So for a while I'll move into his until its sold and then we'll hunt for a forever home together.

I am thankful for the companionship of my daughter in the evening, often just for a meal, before she studies again AND for my two little dogs, who come along to work, wait patiently whilst I am busy and are always so grateful for the time we spend together. They're great company, I enjoy the daily walking which takes me out of my life and into the wilds quite often.

In the kitchen, I'm grateful to have plenty to allow us to be working through the stores and the freezers to use up food we have to try and save some money. I'm grateful for a daughter with a good appetite who'll share these feasts with me.

I am wearing my bright red wellington boots, lots and lots of layers and a fine fleecy hat - at 59oN, its a tad chilly out even when its sunny.

I am creating space in my home, we've only three months left here, so the decluttering, the rehoming and the pondering continues as we look at what we NEED to move and what's helpful to donate to others. 

I am going, well I HOPE I'm going to a work meeting at the end of the month on the mainland of Scotland which means I might be able to spend a day after it with my son at university. He's 400 miles away (a ferry ride and a long long drive) and whilst we skype every Sunday (Proof of Life), and sometimes talk through the week, I miss his presence, he's a lovely young man.

I am wondering if I should commit to a date for leaving Orkney now, or leave it a while to ponder the best option for us all. I'm also wondering what on EARTH I should do when I leave for a job, but I'll leave that one for now, I've haivered long and widely on that subject!

I am reading a lot of information about Scottish Independence and the arguments for and against.  I haven't firmly made up my mind, so reading more about it all is helpful to me. I'd like to make my own informed choice.

I am hoping tomorrow is bright and I can take the dogs for a long walk before a work meeting in town.

I am looking forward to seeing the trees unfurl and the bulbs pop up from their slumber, its not long now!

I am learning that its OK to ask yourself what you want out of life. Your own happiness is important. And, its OK to respect others choices, which make them happy too. 

Around the house the smell of the wood burner permeates the air, book shelves are slowly reducing as many are rehomed and others are packed. I'm looking at my gathered things and wondering which of them are special to our family and which we'll keep.

I am pondering what my new garden might be like, its perhaps a silly thing to many but its where my heart sings so I'm so looking forward to finding a place to be alive in. (again)

A favorite quote for today - from my boss today -  'that's a face that'd get a jammy piece at any door'. I'm hoping that was a compliment, not that I'd actively rob folks of food on their doorsteps..........

One of my favorite things is my new breakfast cup that my son bought for me, I use it every morning with my hot chocolate, its a huge teacup which reminds me of our time at Xmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week: working, walking, working and walking, repeat several times, I've three work events on this week and its nice to be busy but I can't neglect my hounds needs either as is it gets me outside too.

A peek into my day a wee walk at lunchtime around the edge of some of my old research plots and peeking over to the work polytunnels, looking over the bay to the boats. I love this view out to the bay. The sky and sea so blue, it could be summer! Underfoot the hounds hunt for hedgehogs and sausages, in no particular order. They're always hopeful.
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  1. Such an "interesting" time in your life, wonderful things to look forward to, and yet so many challenges. I remember the de-cluttering process well, verybworth doing, no it just because it makes it easier to fit everything in, but because it helps you focus on what is important too. Good luck with your sorting, pondering and planning, and enjoy what might be your last spring on Orkney xxx

    1. I'm still sorting and decluttering and pondering. The pots of course (larger ones) stay as do the seed trays. I have a gazillion, but somehow whilst I can get rid of pots the potential of a seed tray is overwhelming and I can't bear to rid myself of even one. I'll have to hide them all.

  2. I loved reading this, and am still pondering some of it now. I love the sense of being on the brink of the new. The memory of all the packing up to move away is still very fresh for me and I am now in the consolidating stage where you look at everything you brought with you and wonder what you still really need. The urge to reduce belongings is strong at the moment and I have been rather surprised by it. I wish you lots of love and strength for the big move, and for the next phase in your lives. How exciting! X

    1. Its funny isn't it when you look at what you thought was precious and had 'van' space and what for me a couple years since we moved here, hasn't been unpacked or is still in its first location in the garage. I'm doing lots of that too now! I'm a bit scared I reduce everything too much as the nest empties for a while too. New corner, trying to peek round it isn't easy! Thank you for the wishes of strength and love for the move - I'm sure we'll all need it as we adjust to the 'mainland' adventure.