Monday, 24 March 2014

Cauld wind!

A bonnie walk after work and before tea. It's grand when the nights get lighter and you can get out after work for a good old stomp to clear the cobwebs and exercise the 'hoonds'.
What that gorgeous view, brightly light sky and view isn't telling you that the wind just about froze your face and ripped your skin off. Although its always gorgeous to get out to Evie beach for a yomp. Even if it was as cauld as licking an iceberg and giving it a huge smacker for fun.

Be glad you're cosy indoors! I have no idea why I insist on getting outside when its not a facial I'm after. And, as for the rest of the UK basking in gorgeous weather. Just hud yer whiesht
(please, if you don't mind).


  1. It does look grand, though.

  2. gorgeous pictures. I find them relaxing ... a bit easier when the wind isn't freezing my face. I must get to Orkney some day.