Friday 23 May 2014

Bag lady, non-disposible

I can, truth be told, be a bag on occasion, but do endeavour to keep those moment to a minimum. It's not the nicest side of my personality but sometimes the bagginess just shines through. So I've been practicing NOT being a disposable bag lady.  Since October last year I've not entered into any agreement with any shop keeper to take a carrier bag for my wares. I know the new 'carrier bag tax' in Scotland was under discussion and its got its approval today

Now many of us might just think - oh its just a bag, but when you add them up (whether you reuse them or not) went through a hefty 8 BILLION single use bags in 2011. In 2014 in Europe it was suggested that we as a collective get through 100 BILLION carrier bags each year and most of these end up in the stomachs of our wildlife. So not cool.  And, surprisingly we're on the up in consuming them, are we really, on the whole, this stupid. It would seem so.

Despite being given the 'carrot' approach of extra points on cards for bag reuse, our consumption of them is still (rather remarkably) on the up. So its time for the stick. 

The most successful policies for reducing plastic bag use in many nations, including many of our local neighbours like Wales and Ireland has been a tax levy on bags. At 5p a bag now to go to local causes from most major retailers from October 2014 lets hope we finally start to actually reduce our use of them.

Ok its easy to forget to take a bag. But you can just say no. You do have arms. A trolley/basket or a box. OR ARMS.

OK I've been leaving shops on occassion with my arms full to bursting in my stubborn 'No I don't want a bag, I've given them up' approach - my problem not the peedie creatures that eat these things thinking they're grub. And, they often get wrapped about trees. Not bonnie.

My arms ache, big deal. At least I'm not causing wee creatures to die and trees/roadsides to be smothered with stuff we just don't need. 

Its really not worth killing something over now is it. Only humans can end up polluting even the deepest waters on the planet with carrier bags found 2500m deep oceans. Go humans eh?

Give up the bags, you know you want to and you purse will thank you in October 2014 when you don't end up paying 5p/bag.


Over 6 months in my life without a bag and whilst its hard, (especially when retailers appear to want to foist them on  you), I've managed.

Do I remember to take a shopping bag with me more now, probably.

Do I always remember to take one, no.

Why not get yourself ready to ditch the plastic bag too? And encourage your chums.

It really makes no sense to take them when there are so many alternatives around.
And this is my lovely new orlney shopping basket, FULL of goodbye cheese and goodies. Back off people that's all mine!

So A bit of a change of tact today, can't be writing about me knickers everyday after all.


  1. Hi there, I think if someone in the know looking into it, I would say the curve for more plastic bags being used will take off at exactly the same time as them bringing in self service tills. It is the embarrassment of "unexpected item in the bagging area", screaming and a red light flashing. Bring back till assistants, give me some real customer service. And also people will feel guilty when a person serves them if they have to take plastic bags when doing the weekly shop. "how many bags" I love telling them 10. Get them at their own game I have rather small cotton bags from Germany that have longer handles so I can knot them my shopping then doesn't escape in the car or worse out of the basket on the back of my bike when I cycle to Aldi. The smaller the bags the more green points I get. Those great big strong plastic jobbies they sell in sainsburys are the same size as 3 disposable bags. and also I use the 6 bottle bags from sainsburys when buying tinned food. you can get 2 cans per slot.

    1. You sound very much like you've got it sussed Sol - fabulous and as to the two tins per slot in a wine bag - genius! Thanks for the time you've taken to share. Sorry taken so long to reply been moving house!

  2. Good for you.
    I recycle old shirts, tablecloths etc into tote bags with strong handles and keep a few of these on the back seat of the car. Much nicer to use than plastic, and much stronger!
    Best of luck with the move and I wish you much happiness in your new home

    1. Fabby Luffy - move went well - and thank you for the wishes of happiness we'll do our best. I've cooked lots since arriving and must get some posts up! You always inspire me lass.

  3. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that gets bag rage.

    1. I do so get bag rage (and hello by the way) - folks get quite ratty when you don't want one too. What's that all about??